A rant, some nail polish, a book, and a famous person


This is for the lady at Target who was mean to me today.  I was standing in the aisle, cart parked close to the side, my little bug in the cart and big boy beside the cart.  It takes a little time to find the right color nail polish but I'd only been there one minute.  Instead of speaking to me, I look up to see a lady standing there glaring at me.  I hadn't even noticed her because she didn't say "excuse me".  She chose to glare instead?  So I say, "Oops, can you get by?" I then try to get my four year old to stand closer to me but he was caught between the cart and the display and we apparently didn't move fast enough for her taste.  She said, "Forget it, I'll just turn around."  Um, whatever lady.

Boo to mean people. In the spirit of trying to be a nice person, I surely hope her day got better.

I chose Carry On by Essie:) (Wicked was sold out but I think it may be too dark for me anyway).  Carry On is actually not this purple, it's just a super dark deep burgundy.  I mean super dark.  But I think I like it for a change.  As usual I'm 5 years behind the rest of the world.

I like Case Study too though..I saw a similar color on someone and it looked great, so I may make a change..no idea why I'm starting to paint my nails since I've neglected them for a decade..

Oh and I got this book to read

 so looking forward to it! Again, 5 years behind but oh well.. Happy Weekend:) I see pumpkin farms in my future...

Oh, and PS: earlier this week I ran into Luke Bryan! How could I forget to share this?? Luckily I did not fall apart, attack him and squeal that I'm a huge fan, but I wanted to!


  1. I did notice your gorgeous nails this morning but failed to mention it between my Evie's screeching!