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2012 in the rearview


2012, you were good to the C's!  Here are a few highlights.

2012 was the year I:

Developed amazing friendships, old and new, that will last a lifetime:)

Read 20 books.  A few stand out in my mind;)

Grew closer to God.

Fell in love with running and got fit (YEAH!)

Finished my first half marathon.

Embraced my inner fashionista.

Ate a ton of fried pickles.

Said out loud that I want to be a photographer.

Won a couple photo contests.

Built sandcastles.

Vacationed in Destin.

Decorated several rooms three times and never finished a single one. Ha!

Ate ice cream with my favorite boys.

Said goodbye for now to my precious Aunt Polly.

Learned a few lessons.

Faced my fear and rode the Cyclops.  Alone.  (Thank you wimpy family:) JK!

And made tons of memories with these guys.

And this hottie.

Thank you friends for stopping by and reading:)  It means a lot to me!  I wish you health and happiness in 2013!