Life here is good. We've had some challenges in this new year but that's not to complain, just to be real and not pretend we're perfect (wink).

First things first, my Daddy had a birthday! He's a leap year baby, born February 29th. And he's super special;)

The boys are growing like weeds. Who's tired of hearing me say that? Christian lost his first tooth Wednesday night and he was beaming with pride. I love him so much and can't believe how tall he is. I tied a string around his tooth like my Nana used to do--is that what people still do? I realized I am uninformed on current tooth pulling practices. Do share if you have a tip! I'm stuck in 1982. C and I were going back and forth screaming, "Ew! Ew!" It was funny and a sweet memory with this guy.

Little brother doesn't look so little anymore.

These are such fun ages. I'm just so thankful and my heart is so full.

Waterlogue app
What's new on the running front? I'm training for my sixth half marathon in April (veeeeeeerry excited) and #whowouldvethoughtIwouldstickwiththisrunningthing?! The half was supposed to be a full marathon but my knee has been nagging me (#oldlady) and I fell behind early in training. I know better than to push it (enter previous stress fracture) so I've dropped back to the half. The marathon still eludes me! But I'm super excited for this half, I love running the streets of downtown Nashville, it's exhilarating. I am however ready to train in 50 degrees instead of 20:) And it is still my goal to complete a marathon this year. And also my first triathlon....

I switched shoes Saucony Guide 7's....

and I like them a lot.  I really like them. I'm not sure if it's love yet. Weirdly, I still love Mizuno, even though my doctor thinks they are ill suited for my feet.  I heed his advice and stick with a wide toe box (which is SO strange to me since I have very narrow feet) but I still swoon over Mizunos and admired the new styles while purchasing my Saucony's. Maybe Saucony is the one, we'll see. Or maybe I run like a hyena and need to hire a coach. Hubs isn't going to go for that so let's hope the shoes are winners!

Hm....what else....

My first StitchFix is coming this week..(squeal!) I can't wait. My friend has had such good luck with it and get's the greatest stuff so I'm excited to see what I get.  If you want to sign up here's my referral link!

Stitch Fix

Healthy addictions...

House of Cards; already finished with season 2, please tell me there's a 3.


Really enjoying the book but it's taking me forever because of our HOC addiction.

Healthier banana bread (recipe here, I use Greek yogurt and add 2 handfuls chocolate chips)

And that's about it for life lately:)  We're still covered in snow but hoping the sun will come back soon.