Color Run Fun


Two friends and I ran the Color Run this morning (we missed you Sara!) and it was so fun! I've been looking forward to it for so long.  Here we are fresh and clean at the start. How much did I love wearing a t-shirt that reminded me of the OP clothes I wore in 7th grade? And color me happy that neon is alive and well.  Bright and early, music blasting, friends by your side, people spraying you with neon:! You must put a color run on your bucket list!

Still clean..


A close up of the messy face for posterity (making this one smaller, don't want to scare you).

And that's how it went down.  No time chips, didn't even turn on my watch, and with 15,000 people in this race, there was no room to run! We kind of trotted through the streets of Nashville laughing the morning away and getting sprayed with color.  Loved it!

Hope y'all have a great Easter tomorrow!



We've been on spring break this week but the warm weather forgot to show up, instead we've had snow!  No accumulation, but it's still weird for it to still be so cold. Have I mentioned I'm ready for spring? I hate to be a complainer, but really now?!

What's been up around here? Well..lots!

We dyed some eggs. I almost forgot we needed to do this until I checked out what everyone was doing on Instagram. Hello! Where is my mind?

This tea from Whole Foods is SO good. I add a little bit of honey.  It's a nice little treat!

My mom sent the boys some precious Easter outfits but I was little torn...they look so BIG boy! Then I saw this picture on Tumblr..

and realized I should add a bow-tie and I'd feel better. Here's the garb, how cute is that? P.S. I thought little bitty ties were clip on? Not so!! I had to ask google how to tie this thing. Clearly I'd better practice before Sunday.

I finished this book recently and really enjoyed it.  It's really interesting and a little different from everything else I've read lately.  I recommend it!

Did some shoppin' at Loft a couple days ago. I had the $25 savings card thingie and had to use it before it expired. I coached myself on the way inside the store to choose ONE thing. It didn't work. They were having 40% off and I filled up my bag with steals!

I picked up some white shorts and some salmon shorts... I prefer Loft's shorts to JCrew's; JC's 4 inch short feels too long but the 3 inch feels the slightest bit too short for the mama in me.  These are in between.

And a sunshiney cardi..

I made some gluten free brownies the other day with this mix.  They were so good! I don't know what I was expecting but these brownies were fudgy and chocolately goodness. I've eaten an embarrassing amount (which is why I typically don't bake!)

My first Bauble Bar purchase, I LOVE this necklace.. they have so many cute things right now.

And I'm currently reading has been a slow start but so was Downton Abbey (which I ended up loving) and this book is Downton Abbey-ish. My sister in law gave it 5 stars so I'm sticking with it!

And that's a brief snippet of life lately.  I promise there's more to life than baking and shopping but I don't want to bore you with all the laundry I've done, floors I've scrubbed, bathrooms I've cleaned, groceries I've bought, ha!

I leave you with this because it is whimsical and fun and made me smile, hope it makes you smile too:)

Things that made me happy this week


After a *very* rough 2 days this week (and withdrawals from my family leaving last Saturday, boy do I miss them) I am happy to say I feel good again.  These things made me smile this week:

Neon:  As long as 1985 wants to hang around, I'm a happy clam.  Forever21 makes me smile.

This shirt (Forever21). We're going to the All for the Hall concert in April with sweet friends, how funny would it be if I wore this shirt? Performing this year: Eric Church, Jason Aldean, Hank Williams Jr., KEITH URBAN, Brantley Gilbert, Tim McGraw, Kid Rock, Vince Gill, Loretta Lynn, and Willie Nelson to name a few. How excited am I??

Gatorade:  it saved my life this week.

Keith on American Idol. His commentary is thoughtful and smart (he's not just a pretty face;) And he always has the coolest t-shirts. 

Mr. C, who made the boys' lunches, carted them off to school the morning I was sick, and brought me soup at night.  What a guy, so thankful for him.

My friends, who brought the boys home from school and who checked in on me to make sure I was alive.  Kisses!!

Katie, who hooked up a killer spring party this week no thanks to me (thanks girl!!) and who always shares the greatest stuff. She was sporting some really pretty eye makeup the other day and shared that it was Urban Decay's Naked Basics. Got it, love it!

Hope you had some happies this week! Happy weekend!

What we've been up to


Hey you guys:) Long time no see! Last week my brother, sister in law, and their 4 precious kiddos came to visit. They stayed with us and it was so fun to have them here and for all the kids to be under the same roof!  Needless to say I stayed away from the computer, let my little guys skip school, and we soaked up every minute we could with our favorite cousins! How cute are they?

We tackled Adventure Science Center, Green Hills Mall, downtown Franklin, and the Zoo to name a few.  I love being a mom and an aunt, they are both such gifts!

Mr. C took some time off of work to hang with us but as you know, work follows... I had to laugh when I snapped this picture. Busy Dads!

We hit up a few favorite local eateries and shops.  Grace and I stopped into the TB store (my first time in the official store) and tried on some comfy! I'm pretty sure I was drooling. The boutique is pretty fancy pants and I was thinking they probably weren't thrilled to see 3 kids coming in with us but let me tell you, the saleslady whipped out 3 iPads and let them sit on the couch and have a grand ole time.  That is service my friends:)

Also tried on these beauties, I don't think I can resist much longer...

We both spotted this necklace at another local boutique and had to have it -- so glad they had 2!

I picked up some Chuck Taylors for the boys at Nordstrom. I couldn't resist a pair myself:)

and my niece got some glittery Toms (as well as some cowboy boots), SO cute.  Girls are so fun to shop with, I'd forgotten what that was like!

We were pretty sad to say goodbye on Saturday.  And would you believe that a few hours after they left little C came down with the stomach bug:(  Not fun!!

And then, of course, it was my turn, another reason for my absence from the blog this week.  I have been on the couch for TWO days friends.  But I'm on the road to recovery:) Hope you've had a good week!

Tom King Classic Half Marathon Recap


I did it y'all!  Saturday I finished my second half marathon in 1:58:50!  My goal time was to be under 2 hours and I barely made it but nonetheless, I made it!  That's 15 minutes faster than my first half 6 months ago. Woo hoo!

I ran this race solo and got to the stadium at 6:30ish for a start time of 7:30 {I'm a nut about being early}. This was my first time in Titans' stadium and it was pretty cool to walk out into the stands, empty and quiet so early in the morning.  I'm not the biggest football fan but I'm inspired to go see a game next season.  There's such an aura about these big stadiums. Makes me feel like becoming a spirited fan.

The gun sounded at 7:30 and I was across the line feeling good.  I get so pumped when I hear that sound, when the crowd starts to shift forward, and I just want to go go go!  I cranked up my tunes and got my mind focused on breathing and pace.

At mile 11 I wanted to stop running and lay down in the ditch.  I was a bit dehydrated and just felt too full. But I was determined to beat my last time and knew I had to dig deep. I dialed up Adam Levine on the shuffle and hoped for inspiration.  When I saw the stadium come into view I felt a little re-energized.  Then running through the tunnel, into the stadium and right onto the field, ah, it was pretty cool! Obviously the only time that will ever happen to this girl.

Me and my boys
No clue why my shirt is bunched up and looks ridiculous
My sweet boys were at the finish line but we completely missed seeing each other (next time I'll wear a bright color)! I caught up with them outside though, snapped pictures, and celebrated.  We high-tailed it out of there, went to their 2 soccer games, then straight to Burger Up where I indulged in my favorite bison burger with fried jalapenos and avocado.  Delicious. I ate the whole thing.

And now I have a medal for both of my sweet boys!

Happy Friday



Just popping in to say enjoy your Friday!

Wednesday musings


Last weekend the boys spent lots of time playing inside {sooo cold}...{this is their car dealership}

and I spent lots of time sewing.  I made 6 drapery panels, all *lined* thank you very much {for once I did not cut corners}. My girlfriends recently made gorgeous drapes and showed me how to do it.  Just takes time and a LOT of patience! I'm super happy with them, they dress up my kitchen and add a fun pop of color. Eventually I'll get a kitchen post up! Hard to tell but they are a navy/white ikat. This fabric makes me happy!

Finished watching Downton and my heart is broken.. I must know what happens next to the Crawley's...

In other news we have the busiest week ever. Someone is turning 4 this weekend.....

when it seems like only yesterday we were here...

Also coming up this weekend is mama's second half motto;

I've missed y'all! I have lots of catching up to do this week on blog reading, my apologies for being MIA;) How do y'all do it, I can't keep up. Happy Wednesday:)

Fashion Friday: the boys' clothes and some finds


Whew, that's a long title!

First, JCrew Factory has some really cute tees right now at amazing prices.  Three of these tees are under $30.  The ruffle neck tee is $12.50! I live in these in the summer. Makes me want to grab my flip flops and head to the beach. Spring, please come soon!

Second, on our visit to Virginia my mom got all of the boys' spring clothes. For those who haven't heard me share this before, mom's friend owns an adorable children's boutique and she gets a great deal on precious clothes for the boys.  I'm always so grateful because I love dressing the boys this way and couldn't do it without her! {Thank you again Mom} Her boutique is not online but I listed the brands if anyone's interested:)

Enjoy your weekend!