We've been on spring break this week but the warm weather forgot to show up, instead we've had snow!  No accumulation, but it's still weird for it to still be so cold. Have I mentioned I'm ready for spring? I hate to be a complainer, but really now?!

What's been up around here? Well..lots!

We dyed some eggs. I almost forgot we needed to do this until I checked out what everyone was doing on Instagram. Hello! Where is my mind?

This tea from Whole Foods is SO good. I add a little bit of honey.  It's a nice little treat!

My mom sent the boys some precious Easter outfits but I was little torn...they look so BIG boy! Then I saw this picture on Tumblr..

and realized I should add a bow-tie and I'd feel better. Here's the garb, how cute is that? P.S. I thought little bitty ties were clip on? Not so!! I had to ask google how to tie this thing. Clearly I'd better practice before Sunday.

I finished this book recently and really enjoyed it.  It's really interesting and a little different from everything else I've read lately.  I recommend it!

Did some shoppin' at Loft a couple days ago. I had the $25 savings card thingie and had to use it before it expired. I coached myself on the way inside the store to choose ONE thing. It didn't work. They were having 40% off and I filled up my bag with steals!

I picked up some white shorts and some salmon shorts... I prefer Loft's shorts to JCrew's; JC's 4 inch short feels too long but the 3 inch feels the slightest bit too short for the mama in me.  These are in between.

And a sunshiney cardi..

I made some gluten free brownies the other day with this mix.  They were so good! I don't know what I was expecting but these brownies were fudgy and chocolately goodness. I've eaten an embarrassing amount (which is why I typically don't bake!)

My first Bauble Bar purchase, I LOVE this necklace.. they have so many cute things right now.

And I'm currently reading has been a slow start but so was Downton Abbey (which I ended up loving) and this book is Downton Abbey-ish. My sister in law gave it 5 stars so I'm sticking with it!

And that's a brief snippet of life lately.  I promise there's more to life than baking and shopping but I don't want to bore you with all the laundry I've done, floors I've scrubbed, bathrooms I've cleaned, groceries I've bought, ha!

I leave you with this because it is whimsical and fun and made me smile, hope it makes you smile too:)


  1. Love this post! the easter outfit- ADORABLE! :) I will so check out those books- THANKS! and MMMM those gluten free brownies look yummy! <3 Have a BEAUTIFUL easter!

  2. Thank goodness for LOFT sales! I love that store. Very cute shorts. I tried some of their shorts on but believe it or not, they are too long on this shorty! Boo! LOVE that necklace. I wish we had a bauble bar!

  3. LOFT sucked me in with their sales, too! I actually got the same salmon shorts :) Can't wait until it's warm enough to wear them!!
    Have a very Happy Easter!

  4. Love that cute little bow tie and all the great finds you got at Loft! I haven't brought myself to buy any shorts yet, but I'll have to check those out. I'm not really a huge fan of JCrew shorts, either, and I feel the same way! I did however have that $25 savings card and of course ended up spending wayy too much.

  5. Ah, I can't wait to see the boys all easter'ed up! We have some coordinating seersucker/sweater vest ensembles happening here too. And I definitely don't even own easter baskets for them, much less dyed eggs. We have a lot to do now that we are back from vacatioN!

  6. I LOVE THE EASTER OUTFITS!! I can't wait to get the kiddos all dressed up!!! Love the color salmon too...hint Maddie's dress!!! :)

  7. I love the Easter Outfit for the boys! Preppy, classic and oh so fantastic!!!! And you did find some great steals!! I'll have to give their shorts a try as Im rather conservative when it comes to short skirts and shorts but would still like to look hip! Hope you have a fantastic easter!! xoxox!

  8. yes definitely add a bowtie! hope it gets warmer pretty soon

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  9. those boy easter outfits are just adorable! i cant wait to have a baby boy so i can find a cute easter outfit like that to dress him up in. your bauble bar necklace is just gorgeous

  10. You'll have to post about the book after you finish. I'm such a sucker for Downton Abbey and would love to read something similar to fill my time as I wait for the new season. Boo for having to wait so long!!

  11. LOVE, LOVE, LOVE the outfits for your boys! So darlin'! Please show us some pics next week! I know what you mean about the shopping...I had an episode last week at Banana. The self-coaching just doesn't work! Don't you just love BB? I'm addicted to it! You picked a mighty pretty necklace! I haven't tried those GF brownies but I plan to make a GF cake later today for the weekend. Hope your weather warms up a bit for Easter. It's been really chilly here too and a few flurries earlier this week. Hurry up spring!
    Happy Easter,

  12. The boys are going to be just precious in their outfits! I agree with Sara, please show us! :) Good job on the self-restraint of only 3 items at Loft! I'm impressed! I was going to head in yesterday and then at the last minute chickened out because I knew it was only going to end in a high totaled bill! Loving that BB necklace too! I still haven't baked anything GF but would like to try it. Thanks for the recommendation. I hope you and the rest of the C's have a blessed Easter!

  13. What's your instagram name? I've been trying to find you.

    (I'm probably not a stalker)