Wednesday musings


Last weekend the boys spent lots of time playing inside {sooo cold}...{this is their car dealership}

and I spent lots of time sewing.  I made 6 drapery panels, all *lined* thank you very much {for once I did not cut corners}. My girlfriends recently made gorgeous drapes and showed me how to do it.  Just takes time and a LOT of patience! I'm super happy with them, they dress up my kitchen and add a fun pop of color. Eventually I'll get a kitchen post up! Hard to tell but they are a navy/white ikat. This fabric makes me happy!

Finished watching Downton and my heart is broken.. I must know what happens next to the Crawley's...

In other news we have the busiest week ever. Someone is turning 4 this weekend.....

when it seems like only yesterday we were here...

Also coming up this weekend is mama's second half motto;

I've missed y'all! I have lots of catching up to do this week on blog reading, my apologies for being MIA;) How do y'all do it, I can't keep up. Happy Wednesday:)


  1. Your panels look great!! I am working on two lined panels right now too. You are so right, patience is the name of the game! I can't believe Little C is already turning 4!! Time flies right? Hugs of good luck from Texas for your 1/2 this weekend! You are going to rock it!! I am right there with you on blogs and just isn't existing for me right now! I'm doing good to throw a few paragraphs and pictures up a few times a week. As for reading them, there just isn't enough time in the day right now! I've missed you friend! Have a wonderful Wednesday!

  2. The panels are gorgeous! I really need to learn how to sew...

  3. I love the curtains!!!! I wish I could sew, I have tried and it was utter failure!!!! Good Luck on your Half? Where is it at? I wish this crazy weather would hurry and scoot out of here so we can hit the pavement and run. So sick of the treadmill!

  4. SO impressed with the curtain panels! I am definitely not patient enough :)

    Good luck on the half marathon this weekend! I ran with the double stroller for the first time on Monday and I'm still sore today. Lame!!

    And, happy birthday to C. I love a birthday!

  5. Been wondering where you've been!!! Love those panels!!!! I have a sewing machine and really need to sit down and play with it more!!!!! 4 years old?!?! What a big boy!!!! And so gosh darn precious! Hope you have a fantastic rest of the week and weekend!!!!

  6. I love the car dealership! I'm in drape envy - if only I could sew. SIGH = ) And a very Happy Birthday to your big boy!

  7. Haha we have a line of hot wheels extending from my son's room, through the hallway, kitchen and into the living room. Gotta love boys! The panels look great! Good luck at the half! You'll do awesome!

  8. Super impressed with you panels!! I added a band to my panels once and it took forever and apparently I suck at sewing in a straight line.

  9. Love the window treatments!! Will you make me some????? Been missing you!!! And give that sweet BIG boy a hug from me on his birthday!!!

  10. Your drapes look amazing!!

    Good luck this weekend!

  11. Those drapes look fabulous! Good luck with the half marathon :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  12. you are so talented between your sewing, cooking, photography and putting together fabulous outfits!! Those panels are awesome, I would of had to pay someone $$ to make those!!

    I will be driving through Nashville tomorrow on my way to Florida, I will beep my horn:)

    Good luck at the race, go kick some booty!!

  13. The curtains are awesome! I have been itching to get my sewing machine out lately, but we are moving in a few weeks (and won't have a house until August) so I don't have anything to make. I am dying to start on the big boys' room C and B will share!

  14. good luck on your half marathon coming up! which one are you doing? those curtains are awesome and that car dealership is looking pretty professional :-)

  15. Love the curtains. Nice work! Now you need some navy and white C. Wonder ikat china to go with it! :) Happy Birthday to your sweet boy! Best of luck this weekend. Can't wait to hear how you do...