Fall randoms


CJ loves leaves, I mean loves them! Cam couldn't care less really.

Well we had such a busy week! School parties, hair appointments, a date night at the opry, soccer, MOMs club trick or treating, holy cow!! Sometimes I think we need to slow down a tad but I'm not sure how to:)  This morning after the soccer game we just came home and have been chilling out a bit and that is a good thing.  I need time to catch my breath!

My sweet boys have really been so fun and precious lately.  They say the most hysterical things and I love it.  I really feel so grateful every day to be their mama.  I think I say that all the time but hey, it's one of those things that it's okay to say constantly right?  They really make my life wonderful and full.  We've had lots of snuggles lately, what with the weather getting colder, read some books, worked some puzzles, etc.  This is the good stuff and I wish I could freeze this moment in my life.  It's pretty wonderful.

Look at Cam, he could not care less about throwing leaves, ha!

Date night with Keith Urban


Big C and I had tickets to the Opry last night to see Keith Urban. Be still my heart!  Without further ado:

I just love the Opry.  There's so much history there and it's amazing to see big time artists in such a small venue. The acoustics are amazing and it's just such a good time.  I splurged on killer seats and it was so worth it (Merry Christmas to me:)  I've been a fan of K.Urb's for longer than I've known my husband.  It's the first time in many many years I've seen him live and it was so fantastic. He sang "Sweet Thing", "Where the Blacktop Ends" and "Memories of Us". On "Memories" he walked away from the mic and sang a capella. Oh my gracious he's talented.  Since it was his birthday the following day the crowd serenaded him as well.  And the row of 17 year old girls behind us nearly blew my poor husband's ear drums with all their screaming, he looked a little worried there for a moment but he just couldn't help but laugh.  He said it was like we were watching the Beatles or something.  I may have screamed once too, why not! Gotta live a little!

Do ya'll see that guitar? Keith plays for the cure bless his heart.  That guitar is going to be auctioned off for the Komen foundation and I would totally bid on it if my children didn't need a college fund.

More on this later...We saw several other artists that were phenomenal too (Little Big Town, woohoo!)  and a gal named Sunny Sweeney who has a voice so reminiscent of Stevie Nix.  Be back soon!

Pumpkins: Round 2


We headed to another Punkin' Patch over the weekend and had such a great time.  We went with Little C's pal from soccer and a friend of his, so we had 4 rowdy boys to keep up with!! It was no small feat.  But they had some awesome things for the kids and we'll definitely make this an annual trip.  There was face painting, a huge corn kernel sandbox, a corn maze (which I quickly realized is whole different ballgame with FOUR boys).. a hay maze (also a semi-nightmare for this helicopter mama), awesome food, teeter-totters, a spooky house that the kids were not spooked by at all, it was seriously like a carnival of a pumpkin patch!  When Little C and I went in the Spooky House he said to me "It's okay mama, it's not real."  Such a little man:)

Mom's Birthday


Life is flying by so fast that I realized I never did a post for my mom's birthday! Gasp! Without further ado, Happy Birthday to my sweet mama..

I've always thought my mom is beautiful though I don't know if she knows that. 

My mom is so many things to me, more than I could ever put into words, but here are some of my favorite things about her.  She's got a temper you don't want to mess with--I inherited it and I'm grateful.  She is kind, she would literally give you the shirt off her back.  She loves her family to the depths of her soul.  She doesn't cook (except for Thanksgiving) and she makes no apologies.  She loves animals.  She is there for her friends.  And she has always been there for me.  She's carried me through many tough times in my life and been quick to forgive and guide me forward.  The prays for me and lets me know it.  She loves these boys (and all of her grandbabies:) and does anything she can to spend time with them and make them smile.  When I had my first son, she respected all of my quirky "new mommy" requests without a second glance and was there to help me--I'll never forget it.    She always makes me feel loved and smart and special, and I hope I can make my own children feel that way.  She is an amazing example and a faithful, awesome, loving, feisty lady.  I love her so much I can't put it into words.
Happy belated birthday Mama:) You are one of a kind.

Words of wisdom from the pumpkin patch


Clearly words to live by.  I love me a corn maze, especially one with a little guidance.  We went to Gentry's Farm today to soak in some October and do some punkin' pickin'.  Nothing better than wandering through a pumpkin patch with a group of cute boys!  Big C put on his game face..

 (poor thing has a fear of anything that resembles a fair) and we strolled the farm searching for the perfect picture and pumpkin, going on hay rides, eating junk food, and just enjoying a day outside in the most beautiful weather possible.  The funny thing was, most of the pumpkins in the patch were green.  But did you know a green pumpkin once picked will turn orange in 14 days?  Amazing.

Nearly impossible to get a good picture today might I add, no one was in the mood for paparazzi!

Visit home


This weekend we went home to visit Nana and Papa. Little CJ was so excited the night before that he came out of his room no less than 5 times yelling, "Is it time to go?!"  At one point I heard his door open, looked, saw his bunny fly through the door and heard him yell "And don't forget my bunny!!"  Quite hysterical:)

We did not forget bunny.

The boys had so much fun, pretty much playing outside from sun up to sun down. We got to spend some time with our favorite cousins and that's always pretty special--we miss them.  It's definitely the hard part of living far away.  We fit a lot into this visit: saw Anne's soccer game and David's motocross (phooey for forgetting my camera to those)!!

We had a great time just being together, sharing meals, and playing hard.  There's no place like home:)

Cutie pies


I am so behind on blogging and have so much to say but just no time to organize my thoughts and put them down today. I however could not pass up the chance to put these photos up...the kids had some playtime a few days ago...and the dad's caught up too, ha!