Pumpkins: Round 2


We headed to another Punkin' Patch over the weekend and had such a great time.  We went with Little C's pal from soccer and a friend of his, so we had 4 rowdy boys to keep up with!! It was no small feat.  But they had some awesome things for the kids and we'll definitely make this an annual trip.  There was face painting, a huge corn kernel sandbox, a corn maze (which I quickly realized is whole different ballgame with FOUR boys).. a hay maze (also a semi-nightmare for this helicopter mama), awesome food, teeter-totters, a spooky house that the kids were not spooked by at all, it was seriously like a carnival of a pumpkin patch!  When Little C and I went in the Spooky House he said to me "It's okay mama, it's not real."  Such a little man:)