Date night with Keith Urban


Big C and I had tickets to the Opry last night to see Keith Urban. Be still my heart!  Without further ado:

I just love the Opry.  There's so much history there and it's amazing to see big time artists in such a small venue. The acoustics are amazing and it's just such a good time.  I splurged on killer seats and it was so worth it (Merry Christmas to me:)  I've been a fan of K.Urb's for longer than I've known my husband.  It's the first time in many many years I've seen him live and it was so fantastic. He sang "Sweet Thing", "Where the Blacktop Ends" and "Memories of Us". On "Memories" he walked away from the mic and sang a capella. Oh my gracious he's talented.  Since it was his birthday the following day the crowd serenaded him as well.  And the row of 17 year old girls behind us nearly blew my poor husband's ear drums with all their screaming, he looked a little worried there for a moment but he just couldn't help but laugh.  He said it was like we were watching the Beatles or something.  I may have screamed once too, why not! Gotta live a little!

Do ya'll see that guitar? Keith plays for the cure bless his heart.  That guitar is going to be auctioned off for the Komen foundation and I would totally bid on it if my children didn't need a college fund.

More on this later...We saw several other artists that were phenomenal too (Little Big Town, woohoo!)  and a gal named Sunny Sweeney who has a voice so reminiscent of Stevie Nix.  Be back soon!


  1. Pure awesomeness!! That first pic is AMAZING!! Good times.

  2. You were so close! Fabulous pictures.