Visit home


This weekend we went home to visit Nana and Papa. Little CJ was so excited the night before that he came out of his room no less than 5 times yelling, "Is it time to go?!"  At one point I heard his door open, looked, saw his bunny fly through the door and heard him yell "And don't forget my bunny!!"  Quite hysterical:)

We did not forget bunny.

The boys had so much fun, pretty much playing outside from sun up to sun down. We got to spend some time with our favorite cousins and that's always pretty special--we miss them.  It's definitely the hard part of living far away.  We fit a lot into this visit: saw Anne's soccer game and David's motocross (phooey for forgetting my camera to those)!!

We had a great time just being together, sharing meals, and playing hard.  There's no place like home:)


  1. There truly is no place like home!!!! Great images! I hope you are having a wonderful week.

  2. Looks like fun! I love the cute shirts. Can't believe that I have not seen you in a week!