Soup is good food


Hearty Italian sausage soup = yum!

Made this for dinner last night--oh it was so yummy!  I have so much admiration for food bloggers because when I have a piping hot bowl of something delicious in front of me the last thing I want to do is take a picture of it.  I want to eat it.

But I tried, so to keep it real, here's my quickly taken picture of what it looks like in real life..ignore that Corona that jumped behind my bowl of soup, oops, long day:)

Recipe here.  I did not make the Parmesan Pepper Cornbread Biscotti (we just used French bread) but the soup was delicious.  It has a strong sausage flavor obviously so if you're not a fan of sausage this is not for you.  My husband loved it, meaning it's pretty filling for soup.  I followed the recipe with the exception of the sausage; I used half the amount called for because that was all I had in the freezer.  Yummy for a chilly fall day!

The weekend (what a creative title)


Got some sweet pics of my big boy a few days ago! He's getting so big. I found some magic light out by my garage (I remember reading on 71toes how she gets great pics by the garage).  Neato! Worked for me too:)

The grandparents also flew in from the big city and brought the boys some fun new treats and had fun playing..(and Grandpa was kind enough to help CJ put hardwoods in the living room)

No weekend is complete without hours of Gator riding..God bless the people who made this thing. I just wish I could ride.  

I'm a woman of few words today.  Monday is cleaning day and I'm tired.  Toodles!

In the groove


Yesterday morning was little man's picture day and I broke out a john-john one last time...

CJ's picture day was the day before (though I did not put him in a john-john, ha, his father thanks me for that).

After dropping my boys at school I met Jennifer (and the sweetest baby ever) down in Franklin for some girl time and shopping.  It has been, oh, countless years since I've done this and we had such a ball.  We went in and out of the cutest shops and picked up a few fabulous items.  I bought some fun girly things like earrings and perfume.  When I got home I realized Jennifer bought lots of gifts for friends and I bought lots of things for myself.  Oops! I felt a little selfish but I quickly forgave myself.

We had a great lunch in a cute little sandwich shop--it's so strange yet refreshing to be able to eat my food all at one time with no interruptions.  I've settled into the school groove and am having a blast with my free time.  We also went into IveyCakes (who incidentally made Carrie Underwood's cupcake tower for her wedding) and I picked up a special after-school treat for my boys.  I did indulge in one bite and I have to say, that $5 cupcake was pretty darn great!

So glad it's Friday!! Have a great weekend:)

These are from last weekend and I forgot to post--love them because the kids are so cute together and CJ reminds me of Huck Finn in this one. These kids have grown SO much this summer!



CD had a great day at school today.  Though he was crying when I dropped him off, his teacher told me there was very little crying today after I left and that she felt we'd turned a corner.  He had fun coloring, did well in a 1 on 1 matching game,  and was happy.  Hooray!

CJ's first soccer game was last weekend.  We are so proud of him.  I can see how sports get a little crazy though.  Team pride is bigtime (we are the yellow jackets) and people you would think would never yell at a game actually do yell (like my husband) ha! Things kinda get a little rowdy.

What C liked: making new friends.

What he didn't like:  chasing a ball and being told to kick it.  No interest whatsoever. You can't tell that from the photos though! My babies are growing so fast.

Some Friday randoms


1.  We saw our favorite girl yesterday for a few minutes of playtime and I think this picture will be an all time favorite.  E wanted to ride the big boy bike and CJ was sweet enough to help out a bit.  Cutest and sweetest thing ever.

They also had some fun on the Gator. We laugh at how we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of this thing.

2.  CJ brought home his first library book last week.  It was called Chrissie's Shell.  It was a.dorable.  About a little turtle who thought her shell was empty and that God perhaps forgot to fill it.  She wondered what it would be like to be a different animal.  Throughout the book God teaches her that her shell is not empty and that she is just as He had planned.  It was so precious and the kids were captivated with it, as were me and the Mr.

3.  CD has been picking lots of "burgers" lately.  He calls boogers "burgers".  I asked him what was in his mouth last week and he replied "a burger".  Hopefully the nose fascination will fade quickly. But I can't help but laugh.  But I try not to laugh in front of him because it will encourage burger picking.  But it's funny.

4.  CD is still struggling a little with school.  When Daddy asked why he cried he said "because I miss my mommy."  So sweet.  But I hope the tears dry up soon:( It breaks mama's heart.  I guess it will just take time.

5.  CJ doesn't listen to me.  He's kind of off in a land far away.  My mother thinks it's selective.  Since I can't say the word "time out" one more time I've discovered something new to try.  A responsibility chart.  We're going to award stars (and take away stars) for good and bad behavior.  He'll get treats according to how many stars he earns.  We'll of course try it with CD too.  I know this is nothing new but it's new to us.  I wonder if we can stick with it though!

6.  Lastly, little man has been telling people that "mama's big"?? I was shopping in a little boutique the other day and they had a play area so I let C play while I was looking for gifts.  The sales lady asked him how he was doing and he replied, "Good! My mom is big."  She said, "Your mom is big?" And CD says, "Yes. My mama's big!"  I started laughing, where does he get this?  Then that afternoon at soccer practice, he's sitting in my lap and looks at the lady next to me and says again "My mom is big!"  It's an interesting conversation starter. 

Got one


I jumped on the bandwagon and got an Erin Condren planner like the rest of the world. HA!

I originally figured I'd just keep using the same Staples calendar I've used forever.  Fifty bucks for an Erin Condren planner seemed a little steep to me.  But once the kids started school I realized I needed some major organization.  I'm a pretty organized person but it was time to take it to the next level.  I mentioned this to my friend who promptly pulled out her gorgeous E.C. planner and then handed me a coupon.  It was destiny!

I think this is my grown up Trapper-Keeper.  I love it the way I used to love old TK! Can't wait to fill it out; meals, gifts, school projects, house projects, soccer schedule, playdate schedule, house cleaning schedule, it's all going in there, all in ONE place, finally!

On a side note, my sweet big brother sent me a package yesterday.  Do check out who it is addressed to:

Some things never change:) I'm wondering what the UPS man thought?

And of course, a quick snapshot of my boys. This is what happens when I "suggest" (aka, GO HUG YOUR BROTHER IF YOU WANT A POPSICLE!!!) CJ hug his little brother.  I gotta get some new tricks up my sleeve.

God Bless America


God Bless America today. We remember those who lost their lives on 9/11 and those past and present who serve our country in the name of freedom.  You are our heroes!  

Random weekend photos


This was little man's mood for most of Friday..but we survived, we all have those days.

I love these pictures of CJ because they show something I haven't noticed before: his right eye squints a tiny bit more than his left--and his mama's does the exact same thing:) Isn't it sweet to see special traits in your children?

We pass this gorgeous farm on our Saturday morning bike rides and it is the epitome of what I love about Tennessee.  Wherever else we move I will always have this beautiful vision of the farms here--they take my breath away. And they make me want to jump on a horse and gallop across a field:)

These little buddies make me smile, we are always so happy to see this girl!

I love his eyes in this picture.  They are such a pretty hazel.

Love his sweet little profile.

And finally, brothers being brothers.  My sweet mischievous little boys:)

This is weird


Our new school schedule is in full swing this week.  CJ is in school T,W,Th and CD is Tuesday/Thursday.  I had lists and lists of things I would do with my new found free time.  But so far I wander around feeling kind of lost, humming songs (and possibly talking to myself)... It's weird!

I was driving today and checked my mirror to see what the boys were doing, and duh, they are at school.  But I still panicked when I didn't see them in the backseat.  I guess I'll get used to it soon!  I like the time to myself but I miss them!!

So Wednesdays CD and I are spending some time together, brunching at Chik-fil-A and meeting up with Daddy.  He is quite a different little man without his big brother.  He's actually sort of quiet, a far cry from his normal personality.  He's typically my wild man and the two of them are the loudest little rascals around.

All this quietness is weird!

Scenes from yesterday.. a visit to Daddy's office..

And a picture of me, even if it is only my feet.  I finally got that pair of Tory Burch flats I'd been wanting and my patience paid off--I found these for $49:) Yay.  They are a little snug and I have to wrap my feet in bandages, but I don't care.

A night at the Opry


Tonight Big C and I went to the one and only Grand Ole Opry.  It.was.a.blast.  I am a country music fan from way back.  As luck would have it I was sitting next to some fiddle player's girlfriend and she gave me the scoop on getting good pics.  Our seats were between good and great but it's a little known secret that you can walk up to the stage anytime you feel like it.  Say no more.  I mustered up my courage and followed this crazy girl up there. Left my poor husband sitting all alone.  But he didn't mind.  I think he was even proud of me!! Normally I'm a big chicken--no more!!

So I'm starting with the best...

Ladies and gentlemen, Blake Shelton...who happened to be nominated today for a slew of CMA awards, and he's oh so deserving.  He was fa-bu-lous.  Fabulous! (And he's not half bad looking either:)

Blake kind of snuck out on stage before the announcer finished introducing him and was shushing all the screaming girls...

Blake fist pumping his CMA nominations...

We also saw Rascal Flatts...they were pretty great, though they didn't choose my favorite songs this evening.. hm. Wish they had consulted me before the show. We were hoping for the Lightning McQueen theme song.  Oh well!  I'm still a fan...


Also saw David Nail. He was terrific, has some fabulous songs out, and oh, we share the same hair stylist! I got my hair cut last week and told my girl that I was going to see David Nail at the Opry and she laughed and said, "I cut his hair!"  She did the hair on the set of his video "Let it Rain".  Get out!!!!

This is Steel Magnolia.  They were fantastic too! Big C thought she sounded like a young Cindy Lauper--her voice was pretty awesome (his is too).  I'm definitely downloading more of their music.  Loved them!

We.had.a.ball.  WOW!