Some Friday randoms


1.  We saw our favorite girl yesterday for a few minutes of playtime and I think this picture will be an all time favorite.  E wanted to ride the big boy bike and CJ was sweet enough to help out a bit.  Cutest and sweetest thing ever.

They also had some fun on the Gator. We laugh at how we have definitely gotten our money's worth out of this thing.

2.  CJ brought home his first library book last week.  It was called Chrissie's Shell.  It was a.dorable.  About a little turtle who thought her shell was empty and that God perhaps forgot to fill it.  She wondered what it would be like to be a different animal.  Throughout the book God teaches her that her shell is not empty and that she is just as He had planned.  It was so precious and the kids were captivated with it, as were me and the Mr.

3.  CD has been picking lots of "burgers" lately.  He calls boogers "burgers".  I asked him what was in his mouth last week and he replied "a burger".  Hopefully the nose fascination will fade quickly. But I can't help but laugh.  But I try not to laugh in front of him because it will encourage burger picking.  But it's funny.

4.  CD is still struggling a little with school.  When Daddy asked why he cried he said "because I miss my mommy."  So sweet.  But I hope the tears dry up soon:( It breaks mama's heart.  I guess it will just take time.

5.  CJ doesn't listen to me.  He's kind of off in a land far away.  My mother thinks it's selective.  Since I can't say the word "time out" one more time I've discovered something new to try.  A responsibility chart.  We're going to award stars (and take away stars) for good and bad behavior.  He'll get treats according to how many stars he earns.  We'll of course try it with CD too.  I know this is nothing new but it's new to us.  I wonder if we can stick with it though!

6.  Lastly, little man has been telling people that "mama's big"?? I was shopping in a little boutique the other day and they had a play area so I let C play while I was looking for gifts.  The sales lady asked him how he was doing and he replied, "Good! My mom is big."  She said, "Your mom is big?" And CD says, "Yes. My mama's big!"  I started laughing, where does he get this?  Then that afternoon at soccer practice, he's sitting in my lap and looks at the lady next to me and says again "My mom is big!"  It's an interesting conversation starter. 


  1. aww these pictures are so adorable!! My favorite is deff the first one. What a gentleman! hehe

  2. Oh my gosh, I am dying at the comment about you being big since you are so not big!