In the groove


Yesterday morning was little man's picture day and I broke out a john-john one last time...

CJ's picture day was the day before (though I did not put him in a john-john, ha, his father thanks me for that).

After dropping my boys at school I met Jennifer (and the sweetest baby ever) down in Franklin for some girl time and shopping.  It has been, oh, countless years since I've done this and we had such a ball.  We went in and out of the cutest shops and picked up a few fabulous items.  I bought some fun girly things like earrings and perfume.  When I got home I realized Jennifer bought lots of gifts for friends and I bought lots of things for myself.  Oops! I felt a little selfish but I quickly forgave myself.

We had a great lunch in a cute little sandwich shop--it's so strange yet refreshing to be able to eat my food all at one time with no interruptions.  I've settled into the school groove and am having a blast with my free time.  We also went into IveyCakes (who incidentally made Carrie Underwood's cupcake tower for her wedding) and I picked up a special after-school treat for my boys.  I did indulge in one bite and I have to say, that $5 cupcake was pretty darn great!

So glad it's Friday!! Have a great weekend:)

These are from last weekend and I forgot to post--love them because the kids are so cute together and CJ reminds me of Huck Finn in this one. These kids have grown SO much this summer!


  1. I'm definitely in need of some girl/shopping/eating time without kids! Maybe someday :).

    You're so lucky to have such a great friend/neighbour!

  2. Cute, cute pictures! I bought some stuff for myself last night online - so do not feel guilty at all! You deserve to treat yourself. I love the perfume and you gets lot of use out of your fun new scarf! By the way, today seems super boring after yesterday.