A night at the Opry


Tonight Big C and I went to the one and only Grand Ole Opry.  It.was.a.blast.  I am a country music fan from way back.  As luck would have it I was sitting next to some fiddle player's girlfriend and she gave me the scoop on getting good pics.  Our seats were between good and great but it's a little known secret that you can walk up to the stage anytime you feel like it.  Say no more.  I mustered up my courage and followed this crazy girl up there. Left my poor husband sitting all alone.  But he didn't mind.  I think he was even proud of me!! Normally I'm a big chicken--no more!!

So I'm starting with the best...

Ladies and gentlemen, Blake Shelton...who happened to be nominated today for a slew of CMA awards, and he's oh so deserving.  He was fa-bu-lous.  Fabulous! (And he's not half bad looking either:)

Blake kind of snuck out on stage before the announcer finished introducing him and was shushing all the screaming girls...

Blake fist pumping his CMA nominations...

We also saw Rascal Flatts...they were pretty great, though they didn't choose my favorite songs this evening.. hm. Wish they had consulted me before the show. We were hoping for the Lightning McQueen theme song.  Oh well!  I'm still a fan...


Also saw David Nail. He was terrific, has some fabulous songs out, and oh, we share the same hair stylist! I got my hair cut last week and told my girl that I was going to see David Nail at the Opry and she laughed and said, "I cut his hair!"  She did the hair on the set of his video "Let it Rain".  Get out!!!!

This is Steel Magnolia.  They were fantastic too! Big C thought she sounded like a young Cindy Lauper--her voice was pretty awesome (his is too).  I'm definitely downloading more of their music.  Loved them!

We.had.a.ball.  WOW!


  1. Now this is pure awesomeness!! I'd love to go there!