Off to school


Yesterday I sent both of my little rascals off to school.  What a milestone!  I'm so proud of them. I'm a little sad but I know I shouldn't be because they are healthy and growing and smart and precious.  We are moving forward and cherishing every little step.  And that's a good thing.

I dropped my youngest off first and he did just fine.  There were no tears--there was honestly no time for tears!  There were so many other moms, each with multiple kids, so we said a quick goodbye and I was off to CJ's room for drop off.  He did fine of course, he was so excited to be there.  I went back down the hall and tried to peek into CD's class and see how he was doing.  The teacher saw me and started laughing. I decided that might have looked a wee tad crazy so I left.

Since this was my first taste of freedom in years I went straight to the salon to get a pedicure.  Kennebunk-port is a lovely color.  I then went to the Loft sale to get something cute to wear on my date next week (to the Opry!) but when ladies started elbowing me out of their way I moved on, I don't fight over sale clothes. I then went to TJMaxx and there were no parking spaces left.  So I went home and ate lunch in a very quiet house.

Pick up went well.  I got little guy first and when he saw me he screamed "Mom!" and ran to me.  His eyes were red and puffy and his teacher said he cried a couple times, just out of the blue, but was easily consoled.  Aw, my sweetie missed me (it kind of felt good to be missed)..but I'm also sad that he was sad.  I'm sure that next week will be better for him though.  His teachers said he took a nap and was a great helper.

When we got to CJ's class, true to form, he looked at me like "already?"  He didn't want to leave because apparently he had just gotten his turn with the playdoh! Ha! So typical, my little loner.

We then hustled off to swim lessons and returned home exhausted.  And then I went to Target late night and spent a small fortune in organizational goodies to keep up with all the soccer balls, cleats, school papers, shoes, life jackets, and goggles floating around our tiny mudroom.  Life is busy right now and it's all I can do to keep up and get a warm dinner cooked occasionally!


  1. How sweet!! I think you did great!! I'm pretty sure I would be bawling with tears!! embarrassing my poor kids heheh

  2. What a big day! All these school stories make me sad, and I still have at least a year to go. I hope you plan lots more relaxation during school hours.