Action packed day!


We have had an action packed day! We started off the day by meeting up with our favorite gal Evie at Monkey Joe's. The boys get so excited to see her and the combination of both jumping and Evie really sends them into happyland.  I did not take my camera because I was excited to get to talk to Jennifer and it's so hard to get pictures there with kids flying around. But of course it was the least crowded I've ever seen it and I wished (just like always!) that I had my camera with me. Lesson learned! We had a great time.

I should mention that before we even got out the door the boys, who have apparently taken notice of mama painting her eyebrows on every morning, decided to do the same to CD's.. picture is out of focus but you get the idea. HA!
  And he tried to hide it from me...

Well moving on to day's end, we switched gears and headed off to soccer.. I'm officially a soccer mom.  I think CJ is the cutest thing ever dressed up in his soccer garb. Since last week we practiced in Bailey Boys seersucker embroidered shorts and matching T-shirt, we were prepared this week with more appropriate attire.

C is doing a great job considering it's his first team sport and the first time he's ever played soccer.  He does spend some time in his own little world and wanders off a bit from the action but I know it will be like all things and he will soon catch on quickly.  Big C and I think he's a lot like his Papa O, he never gets in a hurry for anything and that's true on the soccer field too.  It's sure to be a fun season though and a learning experience for all of us.  One of the mom's warned me that when the real games begin I will start to see some of the "crazy soccer moms" get pretty intense.  Oh boy--this should be interesting! My husband is scared I will be part of the "crazy" category--let's hope not!

PS I totally swiped this off my friend's blog--SO CUTE!


  1. Sounds like a fun filled day! The kiddies are adorable!