Boys being boys


I stare at my children all the time and am amazed I am their Mama.  I feel so blessed.  We are having such a great summer and these boys just love to run with wild abandon anywhere and everywhere. They just want to be outside.  They are constantly covered in mosquito bites and always have bruised up knees.  I love to see them get dirty and grimy like little boys should.  I snapped a few pics last night while we were sneaking in some playtime before bed.  Sad that this will be the little one's last summer of john-john's.  Where does time go?

On another note, little C is really doing great in swim lessons.  We tried one round of lessons in a group but it seemed C would benefit from one on one attention and it has made a huge difference.  Yesterday in just his 3rd class he swam the length of the pool on a noodle!  So proud of him.

Apparently I use the term "You better.." quite often because CD says it all the time.  He'll say, "I better go get my car" or "You better get me some milk".  Ha!

It seems someone is always picking a nose around here:) 


  1. They are adorable!!

    Such a cute blog, new follower <3

    Lots of Love,

  2. I think it's so important to reflect often and literally say to yourself, "I can't believe these kids are mine!"... I love that you do that. Great pictures!!!