Cutest little T-shirts


I've mentioned a few times in the past, here and here, that I rarely buy my boys any clothes. My mom has a friend in the children's clothing business and bless her soul, she just picks out all the boys clothes for each season and sends them to me.  It's such a huge blessing and I'm so grateful because my husband would never in a gazillion years let me dress them this way without her help--kid's clothes are expensive! So I'm always giving mama little shout-outs for this:) Love you mama!

Anyhoo, on to my story; the only things I really ever look for for the boys are cute t-shirts to play in.  A while back my sister in law, who visits Charleston occasionally, gave the boys these adorable silhouette t-shirts from a store there.  They are my favorite t-shirts they've ever had, softest cotton, classic looking, and they wash well.  

Would you believe while blog surfing I ran across an etsy shop based in Charleston and yup, here were those exact t-shirts.  (I saw them mentioned on Holly Mathis Interiors via 3 Peanuts, just to give credit where it's due!) Anyways, I may splurge on a few of them for fall.. Are they not the cutest? They have adorable girl ones too, but this household is all boy. And we are so ready for fall..

These photos are from this Etsy shop..


  1. Those shirts are so fun!Evie and Henry need some too. Ms Linda is AMAZING at picking out precious clothes for your super cute boys. Henry gets lots of compliments on his stylish wardrobe courtesy of our favorite neighbors! Carl would never go for me buying all that adorable stuff either but I do LOVE a cute kid dressed in sweet clothes!