Who needs sunshine


When you have a friend like Evie!  Our sweet little friend Evie came to play yesterday afternoon.  CD affectionately refers to Evie as “Ebbie” and he adds extra southern emphasis on the “E”. Love to hear him say it!  When she arrives they run to the door and squeal with delight.  Immediately the chasing begins and they play, play, play!  CJ gets so excited that he does a cute little dance where he kind of jogs in place and swings his arms.  It is so fun to have a little girl around too (and so close by!), and guess what? She even loves cars!  Evie is such a little ray of sunshine and we love having her as a friend. Wish I had some pictures, next time I will make it a point to grab my camera!
A day or two ago I was wishing for spring.  Well it arrived, kind of, ha! Look at what my mom sent.

A box full of spring clothes, yay!  So I have to brag on my sweet mom, she has a pal who owns a beautiful children’s boutique (I worked there in my late teens and had a ball) and every season she shops for the boys and sends ALL their clothes.  For the season. The whole season.  ALL their clothes.  I literally never buy them a thing, except shoes and PJ’s.  I feel so incredibly blessed that she does this.  When the boxes arrive it’s like Christmas, the boys and I tear through them and get so excited!  CJ will take an outfit out of the box and say “Oh wow, it’s beautiful!”  So thank you mom, we looooove you and appreciate you BIG TIME!  You keep these boys looking like a million bucks!
Well more snow is on the way so we’re hanging at home today.  How is it Wednesday already?

P.S.  CJ's eye is healing beautifully!


  1. Such handsome little boys!! What a great mom you have!! Love getting goodies in the mail. Have a wonderful day!! Your blog is adorable.