Time to Play!


We had a great Friday at a place called ARTpark with our MOMS club.  They had it all—painting, magic markers, easels, crayons, playdoh, stampers, a HUGE chalkboard, you name it, they had it.  Thankfully they also had smocks!  Our pal Evie was there too and the boys were excited to see her.  It was really nice because the room was just small enough that it was pretty easy to keep an eye on both boys.  After lots of messy playtime we had pizza and decorated Valentine cookies.  YUM! CJ of course ate no pizza but wolfed down several cookies and CD was happy with both, though he too favored the cookies.  Every time I turned around it seemed he had a new cookie!  I lost count of how many cookies they ate.  We will definitely be excited to go back to ARTpark.


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