Today is one of those days when I wonder how I got so lucky.  I feel so happy and thankful for my life; we've just had a good day.  The weather has been perfection today, sheer perfection; sunny, a slight breeze, mid 60’s… aahh.  The only thing missing is the sound of the ocean, but soon, oh so soon….
This morning at Old Navy, in spite of my children’s attempts to keep me from shopping (just like their daddy:) I scored a fabulous new jacket and 2 scarves for next to nothing! Oh I feel so springy now.
*Then*, the boys and I met hubby for lunch and they were so well behaved.  *Then*, hubby said, “Hey, there’s that fabric store across the street you’ve been wanting to go to.  You can go in and I’ll stay with the boys so you can look.”  Huh?  Um, okay…  Well SCORE again! I found the perfect fabric for CJ Jr’s room, love it love it love it!  And love this fabric store.  Oh it is a dreamy fabric store, nothing ugly, no searching for a needle in a haystack.  Everything this store had was beautiful and at some seriously reasonable prices (for the most part:). 
*Then*, we came home and put CD down for a nap and CJ and I played outside in this glorious weather. I'm discovering that weather has such an effect on my mood!  Today has been fun and fabulous!  Tonight I plan to top off my day by eating something sinful and watching disgustingly entertaining reality TV.  Toodles!!


  1. I am so glad you had a great day! That fabric store is supposed to be fabulous and I'd love to go one day. Thanks for getting the samples for me.