What We've Been Doin'


Riding giant ladybugs

Talking to cute girls,ha! Doesn't CJ look like he's driving a motorcycle! This makes me laugh! Hang on tight Evie!

And more playing.

Friday, we were tired from a busy week.  I actually can hardly remember what we did. Must not have been much, ha!
Saturday I decided to buckle down and get our kitchen cabinets done. We’ve (I’ve) been in the process of painting them white and they’ve been halfway done for weeks.  Time to wrap this project up!!  I also spray painted our hardware oil rubbed bronze, 76 handles to be exact (and a billion hinges).  I have inhaled far too many fumes this weekend.  The cabinets still need a few touch ups but are done for the most part, so yay! And they look great if I do say so myself, our kitchen is much brighter.  But I did some major complainin’ let me tell you, ugh, I didn’t think I’d ever get finished.  It was not a fun job!
Sunday we ran to Target and to the park.  We were super excited to see Evie arrive and she and the boys had a blast running around playing.   Mama enjoyed some girl conversation with Evie’s mom while Daddy caught up with Carl and watched the boys (kind of).  Sunday afternoon we watched the Daytona 500, napped, played in the yard, etc.  Big CJ decided he didn’t want to cook (guess he wasn’t in the mood for the BBQ I had planned) so we headed to Carrabba’s for pizza.  It was great and it’s just about the only thing that little CJ will eat (other than mac & cheese or pb & j) so it is rapidly becoming a tradition for us. 
Well, it’s Monday, gotta clean this place up and get this week going!  Hope you have a happy Monday:)

I dressed them like teen-agers, very unusual for me, but CJ wanted to wear his "Nashbill" shirt.


  1. I would be happy all day looking at those faces!!! SO CUTE!!!!!