It's been a Monday


Today started off with me in serious Mama Bear mode.  As I mentioned, the boys have had coughs, and I decided that maybe it was time to take them in to see a doctor.  Of course, being out of town, away from our usual doctor, I was a little uneasy but figured surely there’s a pediatrician or two close by and I’m sure it will be fine.  I mean, my brother lives here and has 3 kids, surely I could see his pediatrician.
Wrong.  It turns out no pediatricians in the ENTIRE town were willing to see my boys.  This is a very uncomfortable feeling.  Helpless feeling, really.  I was told by everyone that no one is taking new patients and to take them to a walk in clinic or the ER.  I was told that I would have a wait of a minimum of 2 hours.  I’m sorry, but (a) that sounds like a nightmare and (b) I was afraid we’d leave with something way worse than we went in with and (c) I don’t think we’re ER material yet.  They don’t have fevers, I’m certain they have colds, and I really just wanted to rule out the possibility that they may have developed ear infections.  If I’m honest, I had to bite my tongue and I just felt so angry! 
SO.. we are hanging in there but I am seriously counting my blessings that we have great healthcare back in civilization.  I’ve taken it for granted!  Today I’m thankful for it and for the boys’ wonderful doctor back home who always says, “Just bring them right in.. no problem.”  We really missed Dr. P today.  We’ll have to give him a high five next time we see him!
Well here are a few pics from N’tended for Kids, the little boutique where I used to work.  I always go visit when I’m back in town and I just walk around and drool.  Smocking…

butterfly sleeves….

Peter Pan collars, dolls, bunnies, bows, ahh!

I realized when I got home that I didn’t take any pictures of the boys' clothes!!! What am I thinking?? I think its because I never get to buy girls’ stuff so I’m just enamored with it.  But spring for the boys is capital A-dorable and I’ll share soon..

It’s been a Monday for sure.  I am looking forward to Tuesday and we sure miss Dada.  Hope everyone is well!


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