Big brother love


That’s a picture of my big brother (Davey) with my boys.  I love my big brother.  I think he’s cool, just like when we were little.  Davey and I are only 11 months apart, isn’t that something?  I’ve always looked up to him (Lordy I hope he doesn’t read this, his head will surely swell!)  I just don’t see him often enough and so being around him again is pretty great.  He has a wicked sense of humor (just like his kid sister, ha!;) and I miss that so much.  He makes me laugh!  He has 3 kids of his own and he’s such a great dad too. And a great uncle—he’s a motocross guy and he got the boys some new hats today and so they think he’s pretty great.
Now when I look at my boys I have to grin at the sweetness of CJ being a big brother and how I can already see how CD looks up to him.  Its so super sweet.  I know it’s going to be amazing watching these two as they grow up together.  It already is!!

In other news, we’re having a good visit here in DanVegas.  Big CJ told me I was being mean by picking on my hometown (I made a comment yesterday about missing civilization) so my apologies to any offended Danvillians.  It’s kinda like that old saying goes though, I can pick on my family, but nobody else better!  Small town America was surely a great place to grow up.

A cool hot dog joint: if you're ever passing through, stop here for a dog!

And yet another topic: did you see the Bachelor?  I can’t let a Tuesday slip past me without commenting.  I was a little confused by the absolute awkwardness between Brad and Ashley? But hey, if they’ve known each other for 5 weeks and are already struggling, then it just ain’t gonna work.  One minute I think he’s picking Emily and the next I think Chantal.  But it sometimes seems when ABC makes it appear so obvious (Emily) that maybe it’s a trick and Chantal is the one???  I’m putting a lot of thought into this and I’m really losing sleep over it! Okay not really.
Folks, have a wonderful Tuesday evening!
PS  The boys are making a miraculous recovery! Hooray=)


  1. Looks like you are having fun. We miss you. Evie has been talking about her boys. She is still positive that they are at work. You'd be proud - I did the trim in Evie's new room tonight. It probably needs one more coat but it was an easy job.