Action packed


Holy Moly! We’ve been going about 200 miles an hour today!
First, as promised, we took the boys to the John Deere dealership.  I wish you could hear the squeals of delight.  These boys were so excited, like Mama in the Nordstrom shoe department.  They kept saying “Look at this tractor! Look at this one! Look at this one!!!”   It was precious.  We took pictures and climbed all over the tractors like we didn’t have a care in the world, and thankfully no one kicked us off the lot. Ha!

Later this afternoon we headed over to Uncle Davey and Aunt Grace’s house.  Big C and I often chuckle and call their house Disneyland.  They’ve got it all—acres and acres of land, a motocross track (you read that correctly), of course tons of toys to play with, an enormous basement full of gymnastics equipment, and yes, more toys. 
The boys were so adorable playing with their cousins.  David III is the oldest and he’s a champion motocross rider in his age group, so proud of him.  He hung out with us for a while and then headed outside to do some practicing…Anne is in the middle and she’s a real sweetheart.  She's got a killer smile and she's super smart.  She had my phone doing things I didn’t know it could do!  She just got glasses today and she looked so stylish.  Aunt Courtney is inspired to go update her glasses now…Faith is the youngest at 4—she’s a bundle of energy and laughter, kind of like a mini happiness tornado.  Sometimes my CJ can take a while to warm up, but not around Faith!  She can pull him right out of his shell.  He loooves hanging out in Anne and Faith’s room, and they are so sweet to share everything they have with him, David too.  Hopefully the boys will pick up some of their sharing skills.

The kids had a ball playing and were so funny on the girls’ gym equipment.  We’ve been thinking of signing them up at a My Gym and I think we’re going to have to do that soon.  They love it!
Well we’ve had a great day.  They don’t get much better than this.  Except we miss Daddy, but he’ll be back tomorrow and we can’t wait.  These boys will be soooo excited.
Tomorrow’s Friday, yippee!!!


  1. Hi Courtney! Wow, those boys sure do look happy with their John Deere hats on! I need to learn more about all the fun "boy" stuff soon so I can make my little man happy. I feel so immersed in all things Pink & Princess lately with my girly girl, Ashley Faith.

    And I got your message about the Prints! I would be so honored to design Definition Prints for the boys! And I can completely understand why it is confusing to order more than 1. Etsy doesn't always have the most efficient transaction process! So I set up a custom listing for you. This way, you only pay for one flat rate for shipping of both items. Otherwise shipping gets duplicated and I have to refund people.

    Here's the direct link to your special listing. Just add it to your cart and complete the transaction. In the "message to seller" section, let me know all the names, definitions and colors you'd like me to use! Feel free to email me directly at Brianna[at] if you have any other questions!

    Thanks so much!!!!