Let's catch up


Thursday my boys had an appointment with their pediatrician (whom they loooove and boy does that make life easier).. It was CD's 2 year appointment and CJ was also seen for his eye.  Remember when he fell and hit the corner of his eye on the coffee table?  It healed nicely, but there is still some redness (a month later) and one day when I pressed on it I noticed a lump underneath.  So the Dr. wanted to take a look.

So happy to report that Dr. P says it is NOT a bone fragment, that he sees this often with hard hits.  He says its just a common type of reaction, it may go away, it may not, but it's no big deal.  Phew!!

Also, my sweet CD got a great report, he's still 25th percentile for weight and 75th for height! Do I have a basketball player on my hands?? Should I go ahead and fill out the Duke application?? CD also told Dr. P that he was 5 years old and starting kindergarten! Little stinker.. I guess because he's always had CJ to talk to he just talks up a crazy storm.

Friday I decided I needed a clean house.  It was time to commit.  Doing projects has gotten me so far behind, with 4 loads of clean laundry in the floor to be folded and 4 more loads in need of washing.  My baseboards were hairy, my floors sticky, my carpet yuckola, and something had to be done.  The weather here has been beautiful, too, which always puts me behind...I feel like I'm robbing my children if we stay inside to clean vs going outside to nurture their little spirits.  Why do I stress myself out so much??  But Friday we had no choice but to CLEAN... And we have finally caught up, which should last a few hours until the little tornadoes tear this place apart again:)

Its Saturday, hooooray:) Happy Weekend!!

John Deere City
PS  I've been stalking Tory Burch for sales and these are on sale for $128 (from $350!!).. I have nowhere to wear them (I'm in the market for flats) but maybe you do:)


  1. That first shot of the boy's profiles and matching vests is AMAZING!!!! Seriously....frame that one!!!!