*CD got some great stuff for his birthday.  Mama and Daddy gave him a new grill so he can flip burgers just like Daddy.  He also got a fire truck, some new matchbox cars, a new raincoat, boots, and suitcase from his Nana and Papa and a John Deere teddy bear and some goodies from his Grandma and Grandpa.  He's loving his new stuff.  He's already worn that adorable silhouette shirt his cousins gave him (it's a fave).  Next weekend we will celebrate for real with Evie and we're super excited.  On his birthday Thursday he said he wanted Evie and chocolate! Ha! This boy knows what he wants!

*Today we moved CD from the crib to a toddler bed.  He was so excited!  No problemo for him, he's very into his new bed.  He jumped right in and napped just like usual.  (I was afraid he might be tempted to get up and wander but so far so good!) This is the first time in 4 years that there has been no crib in our house...It feels a little strange.  I'm not really sad because CD is so in love with his new bed, but hm... it just feels so different.  My babies are growing way too fast!!! Okay maybe I am a little sad.

*I am almost finished with CJ's new room.  The paint is on the walls, art is framed, I made him a cute matching lampshade, and now I just need to finish bedding and a few details.  He's moving up to a full from a twin, did I mention that?  I hope to have it done by Tuesday.  I will be posting pictures!

*My sweet CJ has been really into Mama this weekend.  He requested to stay with me at home over running errands with Daddy!! What?! I was super excited and I thought Big CJ might cry.  It has been wonderful being the chosen one, ha!  I know it is probably short-lived so I am lovin' it while it lasts.

*The weather's been great!  Ah, that's all I can say.

*Since the weather's been great I am in need of some cute new flats, gotta put my riding boots away.  Big CJ is excited about this because he says he is sick of looking at those boots.  My sister in law had on a pair of these Tory Burch beauties last week....

and I was in love.  I know they are super popular and I see lots of girls wearing them but up close they just looked so fabulous.  But since we've been spending money like it grows on trees I will probably not be getting these puppies any time soon, so I'm going to head over to Dillards and look for a cheap imitation.  I wish we had a Nordstrom Rack here! We had one in Atlanta and I always got great shoes for a steal.

*DUKE whooped UNC today, mwa ha ha ha!! I love Duke basketball and I looove March Madness.

Have a great Sunday night =)


  1. Milestones are so amazing and they tug on our heart strings. I might need those shoes in my life ; )

  2. Beautiful pictures! Love those hints of spring! Glad y'all had fun celebrating!