Does this mean I'm old?


Does anyone remember this Fisher Price parking ramp/service center? My brother and I played with this thing non-stop when we were little.  I was reunited with this jewel while visiting my parents last week.  They still have tons of our old toys and I was so excited to find this while rummaging through some stuff.  It holds such good memories, sigh…  My boys are having a ball with this thing and it makes me laugh to see it in my den all these years later!  And frankly I still enjoy playing with it, ha!
And my old tin lunchboxes… Still looove Strawberry Shortcake.  And E.T.   Aw.  I don’t know what I’m going to do with these, maybe clean them up and put matchbox cars in them?  And my make-up in the Strawberry Shortcake one? Kidding.  I can’t wait to go back and rummage through more of my parents’ collectibles. Big CJ and I are like the American Pickers when we go to Dry Fork.  My Dad has all kinds of little treasures, he’s a sentimental guy, and it’s so fun to walk down memory lane!
This is a random but it must be shared.  On our road trip back to TN we passed quite a few Hooters restaurants… No, we did not stop.  But it was quite hysterical that little CJ noticed the giant O’s in Hooter’s and thought they were donuts! He would say, “Oh wow, I love donuts, can we have some donuts?”  HA!  The things they say..
We’re having us a fine Monday.  I’ve got Val’s root beer pork in the crock pot and this will give my hubby an opportunity to use some of Keaton’s famous sauce that we picked up Saturday, so he should be happy=)  Hope y’all have a great Monday, and don’t forget the Bachelor : Women Tell All is on tonite, yeah!!

One good movie..I love this picture!


  1. If you are old, I'm ancient!!! Haha. I had that garage and Strawberry Shortcake lunch box. I love this.

  2. I hope you love the pulled pork = ))) Root beer floats??

  3. Hi! Your Richmond tile caught my eye the other day while I was reading The Niemeyer Nest. We live in Virginia right where I95 and 58 intersect. Your boys are absolutely precious and your pictures of them are so great. I've been reading about Evie's boys and can see why she's so smitten!