Does cookie monster have teeth?


Today we stayed home and I worked almost all day on CJ's room.  Still not done, but close.  The boys were so very good.  They played together just beautifully, beautifully I tell you.  While I was cutting fabric in my kitchen floor and running back and forth to the sewing machine they either played with each other or with my fabric scraps.  They were troopers today!  Since it was a "work" day I left the boys in their PJ's and I didn't even put on make-up.  Around 2 o'clock Little CJ told me he really wanted to put on some new clothes.  I gave him an outfit and he dressed himself, with NO help!! I mean shirt on the right way and pants too!  Another milestone, he was as proud as a peacock and so was I.  Ah, these boys, I know I said it yesterday but they are growing up fast.

Then he asked me out of the blue if cookie monster has teeth?  Then he was concerned about Elmo's teeth.  Toooo funny!!!:) Maybe he will be a dentist?


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