Happy 2nd Birthday sweet boy!!


My sweet little C, you are 2 today! Every Mama says this but I just can’t believe it; the time has flown by!
You are such a blessing in our lives.  We thank God every day for you and we’re so thankful you are a healthy, happy little guy!  It is the greatest joy of my life to be Mama to you and CJ and to watch you grow!
You are quite adventurous.  You walked at 10 months but you tried well before that.  We actually had a little helmet for you because we couldn’t keep up and we wanted to protect you!

You crawl onto our tables, jump on the couch, and looove to be chased.  You scrunch your nose when you laugh and you’ve done this since you were several months old! 
You look so much like your Daddy!  You have his handsome face.  You have pretty hazel eyes like your Papa and Uncle Davey.  And you adore your Daddy, both you and CJ.  He is your hero and it makes my heart smile.

Your cute little feet are almost always sweaty and you hate wearing socks.  Daddy calls you sticky feet!  You call your toes “piggies” and when you play with your feet you laugh and say “Shoooo-weeee”!
You are a great eater.  You’ll try just about anything and you are a meat and potatoes kind of guy.  You love steak, French fries, chicken, broccoli, apples, grapes, pomegranate, chicken nuggets, fish sticks, Chik-fil-A, macaroni and cheese (which you call mac and cheese-a-roni). You are a huge fan of chocolate milk.  You love anything sweet!
You and your big brother are playing so well together!  You have your moments for sure but you are so excited to see CJ when he’s been at school.  You scream his name so loud!  When I tell you we are going to pick him up you run to the door and laugh.  I pray you two will be best friends and will always look out for each other.

You wear a size 2T right now, about a 5 shoe, and you are outgrowing your 18-24 month Pedipeds.  We are squeezing in as many smocked john-johns as we can because I know the time is coming that you will be too big.  I dress you and Christian alike almost every day.  Your Nana sends you all of your clothes and you and Christian are as excited when the boxes arrive as I am!
You have a feisty temper, little one.  Daddy says you get this from me.  You are also a bit stubborn (which Daddy also blames on Mama=)…  From the time that you were two months old you have enjoyed hearing yourself scream.  Sometimes you will scream sooo loud and then smile and look around to see who notices! 
You are a flirt, oh boy are you a flirt! You get this from Daddy no doubt.  You lower your little head and look up at girls and bat your little eyes.  I will have to keep my eye on you… You are quite friendly and often in public will scream out “Hi!!” to strangers.
You've grown so very much on your little journey from 1 to 2..Happy Birthday baby boy—you and CJ are the lights of our lives!  We love you more than the world!
Mama and Daddy


  1. What a beautiful post written by a loving momma! Happy Birthday Campbell!!!!!!!!!!!!