All over the place


My brain is fried today and so forgive that this post is going to wander.  The boys were crazy and wild.  It started this morning at the shoe store.  Here's me:

"Don't touch the shoes.  Put that back please.  Lower your voice please.  Inside voice please.  Stop that!  Put that back.  Don't touch the shoes.  Stop screaming.  Don't hit your brother."  Sometimes these boys just won't listen to mama....Pretty much everything I said once, I said 9 more times.  I am so mentally exhausted! People were staring at us like we were three headed dinosaurs--it irritated me! Ugh, why do people stare?  I've seen stranger things than a mom with 2 crazy toddlers, no need to stare people!

And so these boys didn't get to play outside today because of that naughty behavior but frankly after being inside all day we were all just about crazy.  I nearly put them in bed at 6:15!  Okay, I have vented, now I feel better.  Let me end on a positive note and say that I love and adore them and think they are nearly perfect, (yet ever so capable of making me a crazy woman). 

And my husband and I have given up alcohol for Lent, which means no fun evening cocktails after they are in bed.  That makes one less coping mechanism in my arsenal.  So I've resorted to screaming and eating lots of chocolate.

PS  I decided already that I wasn't digging CJ's curtains.  They looked too thrown together and truly, they were.  The new and improved one is on the right.  More polished, right?  Roman shade-ish.  I like it better!


  1. Oh Courtney! We have had the same kind of day. I am mentally exhausted and ready for bed. At least you know, your life should continue to get easier in the coming months.

  2. Court, I feel your pain!!! Truly. I have 3 sick kiddies and even in sick mode they bicker and argue. SIGH. Thankfully after bedtime I had a glass of pinot and a cupcake!!!

  3. Bless your heart. I agree staring is so not cool. I do love the curtain!