Cuteness and ramblings..


Yesterday after running some errands I let the boys fire up the Gator and take her for a spin.  We needed some fresh air.  We were so happy that Evie ran over to say “hello”!  CJ was squealing he was so excited.  Evie seemed interested in the Gator and felt right at home in the driver’s seat.  She surprised us all when she mashed that pedal to the floor and took off!  Evie hangs right in there with these boys let me tell you.
This morning CJ had school and CD and I headed over for more playtime with Evie.  We had some delicious banana bread (Jennifer seriously needs to write a cookbook, everything she makes is delicious) and had a great visit.  When we got home CD announced he needed a “nap-a-rooskie” and so he headed upstairs and stood by his bed, no kidding.  I put him in his crib and he was out like a light, ha!  Thank you Evie!!
And now for some randoms....
*Last night the root beer pulled pork was fantastic, yum!  Big C was a huge fan and so was I.  Gave the pork a really wonderful flavor.  A must try.
*My beloved Keith Urban (or as my husband says in his best Australian accent, Keith UUHH-ban) is playing Bridgestone Arena in August.  I haven’t been to a concert in so long I probably wouldn’t know how to act but I soooo hope we get to go… It’s been a decade *gasp* since my last K.Urban concert and I’m sure he’s missed me…
*I broke down and bought Chantecaille foundation.  I love.  After trying Stila, Lorac, Lancome, Clinique, Dior, Loreal, Cargo, Maybelline, Mac, Bare Escentuals, and Bobbi Brown, I’ve caved and accepted the fact that my face likes Chantecaille the most.  It is the most I’ve ever spent on foundation but it’s really fabulous; the colors are natural and it feels lightweight.  And it doesn’t make my face itch, a definite positive.  One of my friends reminded me that since I’m the only girl in my house, I should buy whatever girlie items I desire.  We girls can justify anything can we not?

*The Bachelor was enjoyable last night, though Brad’s extreme overuse of adjectives and his amazing incredible enthusiasm is getting on my nerves.  I cannot wait to see who he picks so that I am no longer a slave to Monday night television..
Bye for now, friends!


  1. Those are fabulous pictures!!! I love them especially the top one. Cuteness for sure. I remembered where the World Market is - it's in Murfreesboro at a really good shopping center. Just looked at the easel - it is so nice. Maybe we need one at our house.

  2. What little cuties. Tell me more about this foundation...I'm intrigued. I'm a Bare Minerals junkie...I did a post about it over the Summer. I have been using Tarte tinted moisturizer and the Bare minerals foundation over it to set it and it seems to work. When I used the minerals alone it did nothing for me.