Good morning and Geenyus art


It's the simplest moments in life that make me smile and that I love the most. Like this..

My two little men standing side by side, brushing their teeth (sometimes with the wrong end of the toothbrush).  Sometimes I catch myself being hesitant to reach for the camera because of silly things, like it's rainy and the lighting isn't great, or that ugly faceplate you see in the below picture is on my list to be replaced, or the fact that the wall is 2 different colors (in mid-transition), or the fact that CJ has a million pairs of cute pj's but instead is wearing the worn out threadbare ones that he prefers to the new ones (that actually feel like silk they are so worn).

So this morning I whipped out the camera to document the cuteness, and reminded myself that it's really these imperfect moments that hold the sweetest memories:)  I adore being able to spend mornings with these little critters.  I am a girl who is thankful every day.

Tooootally switching gears...because I am too impatient to wait and post this tomorrow:  Sunday morning while at my beloved Pucketts's (while scarfing down a delicious veggie omelet) my husband and I noticed this on the wall:

It was framed in a wide, black distressed wooden frame and it looked sooo lovely.  I wish you could see it in that frame, I had no idea it was a poster. 

We (obviously) love Nashville and are always looking for neat artwork for our home (I'm still in decorating mode).  We have several stipulations.  Cheap is the first, meaningful the second.  This is both!  It's 25 bucks at, (and they're 18 x 24, a nice size).  They also have a New York one "coming soon" (hubby's from New Yawk), and some other cute ones too, like Franklin, Boston, Chicago.. Very cute vintage-ish posters.  I'm going to order one (maybe 2:)

And finally, it's almost Friday, Yay!


  1. OH my goodness if that picture, looking in the mirror, is not THE CUTEST thing!

  2. Oooooh! We miss you and your boys so much! Great pictures of your sweet boys. Fabulous blog too. I'm inspired.

  3. Precious, priceless moments captured!!! Truly beautiful.