Crazy weather


We've been low key this week. We had a quick trip to the doc today and when we got back I let the boys splash around a little.  The weather here continues to be a roller coaster, gorgeous with a few rainy days and tornado warnings scattered in between. 

And CJ's fine thankfully, he's been running a fever and this morning said "the inside of his head hurt", which concerned me and meant a quick trip to the dr. was on the docket (he had me thinking ear infection).  They did a strep test which was negative (of course that rascal had smiled as wide as he could and happily shouted "YES!" when the nurse asked if his throat hurt, and I knew it didn't, he had shown absolutely no signs of throat distress).  His dr. said his check-up was fine, no ear, nose, or throat issues, just a little virus that will hopefully run its course in a day or so.  Incidently it was CJ's first ever strep test, and he was not a fan of a Q-tip in his throat, so I suspect he will think twice before answering yes to the throat question again.

What day is it


Hello hellooo, it's been a while!  We have been super busy this week.  I'm having a hard time keeping up with the days.  Tuesday I told CJ's teacher to have a nice weekend.  That's slightly embarrassing.  Hopefully I don't forget my name anytime soon.

Here's some pics from last weekend and the following days. The kiddos are wild and keeping me on my toes.  Gotta run!



Or perhaps I should say dress.  I've been looking for a dress for a 2:30 wedding.  What is attire at that time?  I've read to not wear cocktail at that time, but I've also read always wear cocktail to a wedding no matter what time.  Hm.

I love this one by Alice and Olivia! But it's too expensive.  Isn't it pretty though?  My husband says it's too colorful and looks hippy-ish. Whatever:) I think it's fun!

A list


1.  This morning during our errands I saw several gals walking around in scrubs.  It made me miss my nursing days.  I loved wearing scrubs.  I loved seeing people get better.  I loved when people got good news and not crummy news.  I loved the hospital where I worked.  Do I want to go back to work? Nope. But I did miss it today.  And I do believe I have forgotten everything I ever learned.

2.  Last night we went to a local taco joint for dinner.  The boys behaved GREAT!  This place is very cool and has those big garage like doors, where when they're open it's like total open air restaurant.  They gave us a sweet table next to one and CJ was in heaven.  I caught him throw a chip out the window though...oops.  My Margarita was SO strong too--(I actually prefer weak drinks, isn't that funny).  But the guacamole is the best I've ever had and after a loooong day, when they sat it on the table in front of me in the gorgeous royal blue dish, with all it's chunky goodness, I was wishing I had my camera with me.  The sun was shining on our table, the guacamole was so dang pretty, and I swear I heard the angels sing.  It was good.

3.  I went to the grocery store to buy fruits and veggies today (because after reading Jennifer's blog, I felt the need for nutrition), but these grew legs and jumped in my cart.  It was out of my control.

4.  So I added some vitamin C. Bye bye guilt.

5.  I re-did the curtain over my sink.  From this: (too country-fied) and terrible picture, sorry

To this:  ever so slightly crooked, I'm aware, but I'm a very hurried seamstress and so I've learned to live with crooked.

6.  Cam and I have a tradition now that while CJ is in school we eat early lunch, often lunchables, so that he can hopefully get an early nap.  It's sweet!

7.  I finished this book:

Loved it, I think these books are great fun.

I hope you've survived this weird buffet of a blog post.  Have a great Thursday!

PS. I do love comments! My blog has been a little squirrely lately because I apparently messed up a setting or two, so if you have a comment, please share it. My settings should be back to normal now:)

Bee happy


I framed some cute (free) artwork for CJ's room today.

Found it here via 6th Street Design School. Comes in 12 colors:)

So what if I'm indecisive

Okay, yesterday I decided to take this blog private. But I am still on the fence.  I *so* enjoy carrying on with you peeps.  So for now I change my mind.  I reserve the right to change it back. But for now, here we are. Have a lovely Wednesday, I've got lots-o-projects today!!

PS Spring is in bloom!

A decision


After some careful thought, I've decided to take my blog private.  It has been a hobby that I've so thoroughly enjoyed since I started a few months ago.  Ninety percent of this blog is about my boys though, and so I feel it's in their best interests to not have a public blog that focuses on them.  It's something that just seemed to keep creeping into my thoughts, and so I think I should follow my gut feeling.

With that said, I've "met" some fabulous peeps that I've enjoyed keeping up with!  If you'd like to keep reading just shoot me an email at cocorrigan{at}yahoo{dot}com and I'll send you an invite:)



Greetings!  I am making it my business to be in more photos with my boys.  I'm short on words tonight but here are some cute scenes from the past couple days.

We had some ice-cream last night and the boys went bananas.  It's so funny to watch them--CD is a ham and CJ is all business.

CD does not like his toddler bed and he refuses to sleep in it.

Luckily he's about to get a room makeover, so hopefully he will like the new twin bed.
Not much goin' on here, hope y'all have a good night:)

Front door makeover

When we moved into this house 6 months ago, I decided I wanted a rustic wooden front door.  I just love the way they look.  The original front door is fiberglass and painted a really unattractive Hershey brown.  But when Big C and I looked at new doors at Depot and Lowe's, the ones I liked were $2000 plus... So, we decided to look for an alternative.

We discovered gel stain by Minwax for painting fiberglass doors.  Both of us were skeptical but willing to try to save major money.  It was pretty easy and I love the way it turned out..

The process:  prime plus 2 coats of Minwax "Aged Oak".  And here you go..starting with the yucky Hershey bar door:

Now primed..

And introducing my new rustic door!

I'm thrilled with how it turned out!

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Wild things


Saturday we took the boys to the Nashville Zoo. It was pretty fun!  Here are the highlights..

I asked CJ which animal was his favorite.  Answer: Zebras
I asked CJ why?
He said:  Because I like their outfits.  HA!

CJ kept saying over and over, "This guy is stinky, this guy is stinky." Oh and he was.

The rare Mama shot.  I'm kinda glad I'm headless because my hair was a frizzy mess.

And for more animals..I love the color of the flamingos--so pretty!  I think I might paint my closet this color--it makes me smile!

Little C requested I show you an alligator picture, though he was just as enthralled with the John Deere Gator the zoo peeps were driving around..

And some love birds..

And there you have it! I have lots more pictures but I will spare you.  The Nashville zoo was quite fun, we were impressed and had a great time.  It's a small zoo, but very clean and easy to navigate.  Would you believe they have giraffes and elephants and we totally missed them??? Mr. and Mrs. Clueless, we will be going back:)  The boys are super cute ages for this and kept us laughing with the crazy things they say!

Later when we got home we invited ourselves over to play with Evie, ha! If the boys catch sight of her there is no stopping them. I have a feeling it will be this way when they are older too..:)

It was a great weekend--beautiful weather and good times!  I hope yours was good too!