Wild things


Saturday we took the boys to the Nashville Zoo. It was pretty fun!  Here are the highlights..

I asked CJ which animal was his favorite.  Answer: Zebras
I asked CJ why?
He said:  Because I like their outfits.  HA!

CJ kept saying over and over, "This guy is stinky, this guy is stinky." Oh and he was.

The rare Mama shot.  I'm kinda glad I'm headless because my hair was a frizzy mess.

And for more animals..I love the color of the flamingos--so pretty!  I think I might paint my closet this color--it makes me smile!

Little C requested I show you an alligator picture, though he was just as enthralled with the John Deere Gator the zoo peeps were driving around..

And some love birds..

And there you have it! I have lots more pictures but I will spare you.  The Nashville zoo was quite fun, we were impressed and had a great time.  It's a small zoo, but very clean and easy to navigate.  Would you believe they have giraffes and elephants and we totally missed them??? Mr. and Mrs. Clueless, we will be going back:)  The boys are super cute ages for this and kept us laughing with the crazy things they say!

Later when we got home we invited ourselves over to play with Evie, ha! If the boys catch sight of her there is no stopping them. I have a feeling it will be this way when they are older too..:)

It was a great weekend--beautiful weather and good times!  I hope yours was good too!


  1. We loved having you over! When I saw the title of your post - I wondered if you had a day like us! Evie is a wild thing that's for sure.