A list


1.  This morning during our errands I saw several gals walking around in scrubs.  It made me miss my nursing days.  I loved wearing scrubs.  I loved seeing people get better.  I loved when people got good news and not crummy news.  I loved the hospital where I worked.  Do I want to go back to work? Nope. But I did miss it today.  And I do believe I have forgotten everything I ever learned.

2.  Last night we went to a local taco joint for dinner.  The boys behaved GREAT!  This place is very cool and has those big garage like doors, where when they're open it's like total open air restaurant.  They gave us a sweet table next to one and CJ was in heaven.  I caught him throw a chip out the window though...oops.  My Margarita was SO strong too--(I actually prefer weak drinks, isn't that funny).  But the guacamole is the best I've ever had and after a loooong day, when they sat it on the table in front of me in the gorgeous royal blue dish, with all it's chunky goodness, I was wishing I had my camera with me.  The sun was shining on our table, the guacamole was so dang pretty, and I swear I heard the angels sing.  It was good.

3.  I went to the grocery store to buy fruits and veggies today (because after reading Jennifer's blog, I felt the need for nutrition), but these grew legs and jumped in my cart.  It was out of my control.

4.  So I added some vitamin C. Bye bye guilt.

5.  I re-did the curtain over my sink.  From this: (too country-fied) and terrible picture, sorry

To this:  ever so slightly crooked, I'm aware, but I'm a very hurried seamstress and so I've learned to live with crooked.

6.  Cam and I have a tradition now that while CJ is in school we eat early lunch, often lunchables, so that he can hopefully get an early nap.  It's sweet!

7.  I finished this book:

Loved it, I think these books are great fun.

I hope you've survived this weird buffet of a blog post.  Have a great Thursday!

PS. I do love comments! My blog has been a little squirrely lately because I apparently messed up a setting or two, so if you have a comment, please share it. My settings should be back to normal now:)


  1. BEAUTIFUL kitchen! Love the new curtains!

  2. Your boys are sooooo adorable! Love the bike pics. The curtain update is great too. I know what you mean about "learning to live with crooked"...I call myself a "do, then plan" kind of artist/seamstress!

  3. A little bit of everything in this post. So nice. And the boys are so so handsome! Did you make the window treatment? Step by step instructions please! :)

  4. Court, Your Blog is GREAT!!! You are so talented. I don't think there is anything that you can't do. I am so proud of you. My boys are growing up and are soooo handsome Love to all, mom

  5. Courtney, your kitchen is gorgeous!!