T-shirt project


My boys are lucky enough to have the nicest clothes in the world (thanks to NANA, not me:) but the one thing they lack are play clothes.  I'm kind of a weirdo in that I'm not the biggest fan of t-shirts with a ton of writing on them for the kiddos.  So a light bulb went off.

I AM a fan of FlyThroughOurWindow's t-shirts.  But I'm feeling cheap this week.  And they already sold out of the tractor raglan in our sizes.


I went to JoAnn (having remembered seeing some cute iron-on's there when I was making a pillow) and got the boys a couple t-shirts and iron-ons.  The shirts were $3.99 and the iron-on's were $3.99 (although Jennifer gave me a great tip to look on Etsy and at Hobby Lobby, she has seen them for a dollar on Etsy!).  And voila!

Isn't my model precious? I know, I'm just another proud mama:)

Aren't they cute?  Iron-ons have come a long way baby. These are fabric (which I love) and the shirts were easy and fun to make!  Cute little t-shirts to play in, hooray!

P.S. CD has started driving;)