Get ready


for a picture overload! I'm not apologizing either:)

Evie came to play this morning.  Seeing these 3 little ones play together always warms my heart.  We had a great time as always, but the kids gave us a run for our money today.  Poor Jennifer and I could hardly get a word in edgewise!!  CD and CJ struggled to remember their manners, which makes mommy stress we had a refresher course after Evie left.  These things happen, don't they?  Sharing is tough..they have good days and bad days.. I hope Evie will forgive us and come back!

We put CD in bed hoping a nice long nap would help mr. cranky-pants, and CJ and I rested on the couch.  Later when little one got up we went out to play. 

This was the giant hairy annoying bumble bee that RE-fused to leave us alone this afternoon.  He hung around long enough to have his picture taken.

Aaaaand we hope you have a lovely weekend! We are pooped and off to watch Dateline=)


  1. Yay! I finally got caught up on your blog after being away for a week! So many great pics! Love that candid one of him climbing up the playset. His little backside trying to hard to reach that top step. :) And great shot of the bee too, wow!

  2. Your pictures are sooooo good! I am still thinking about those sandwiches. YUMMY!!!! They were so delicious.