Product love


I mentioned a while back in this post that a hundred years ago when I was young(er, ha) I majorly overplucked my eyebrows.  It was "in" at the time to have thin eyebrows, but I overdid it.  And so began my eyebrow saga.  Of course, as soon as they were plucked away, I wanted them back.  Ooohh but it sure can take a long time to grow eyebrows back.  My eyebrows are still on the thin side.

Anyways, Val was sweet enough to comment that day and share with me this valuable information:   that Smashbox had a fabulous eyebrow product that would change my life.  She was so right! Thank you thank you Val!

It's called the brow tech trio and angle brow brush.  The browns are powders and the lighter color is a wax that really grooms and holds your eyebrows in place.  I had been using a Lancome pencil for years.  Though I never 100% liked the way it looked, I was afraid to try powder and brush.  I kept thinking that powder/brush was probably for people with full eyebrows.

But no.  This powder is sooo soft and it just looks so much more natural than that crazy old pencil I'd clung to for years.

So yes, it changed by life:) Loooove it!

If I were brave I would show you the difference, but I'm not. 

I also got this exfoliator as a sample and love it!

I've tried Apricot Scrub and it never did anything for me.  Same with Alba and other drugstore brands.  I really like this one except for one thing: it's pretty pricey.  A tube of this and you're halfway to a Clarisonic. So.. I will say it's pretty fabulous and would probably last a while, but, it's $85 for 2 ounces. Ouch! You can buy half an ounce for $20 though so I might do that.  My skin feels so smooth and clean when I use it.

My other summer fave is Mac Lipglass in Nymphette.

It's a pinky gold that I love.  I've also tried Pink Lemonde (too bright for me), Wonderstruck (a nice pink but it's Lustre-Glass and for me LipGlass lasts longer), and Oyster Girl (which is pretty).  If you know of another fresh and pretty pink please let me know!


  1. oooh I must check out this product next time at sephora!
    I love oyster girl!!!

  2. AWESOME!!! This product has changed my life, too. I heart it all but the way you can shape your eyebrows with the wax is my favorite part!! YAY. I adore MAC lipgloss.