Crazy weather


We've been low key this week. We had a quick trip to the doc today and when we got back I let the boys splash around a little.  The weather here continues to be a roller coaster, gorgeous with a few rainy days and tornado warnings scattered in between. 

And CJ's fine thankfully, he's been running a fever and this morning said "the inside of his head hurt", which concerned me and meant a quick trip to the dr. was on the docket (he had me thinking ear infection).  They did a strep test which was negative (of course that rascal had smiled as wide as he could and happily shouted "YES!" when the nurse asked if his throat hurt, and I knew it didn't, he had shown absolutely no signs of throat distress).  His dr. said his check-up was fine, no ear, nose, or throat issues, just a little virus that will hopefully run its course in a day or so.  Incidently it was CJ's first ever strep test, and he was not a fan of a Q-tip in his throat, so I suspect he will think twice before answering yes to the throat question again.


  1. Cute puddle pics. I hope the rain has passed! Happy Tuesday.

  2. Pictures are so cute. Glad he is okay.