Weekend highlights


Let's start with the delicious part. Big C and I went to dinner Saturday night at Red Pony..sigh..

Beyond delicious, and such a cool place. We had lobster spring rolls to start, then spearfish with a yummy spinach saute and sweet potato hash, amazingly yummy shrimp and grits, some delicious Sauvignon Blanc, and we ended with Chocolate Demise, *the* most decadent dessert ever.  It was as good as it sounds! Yay for date night! If you're ever passing through Franklin, TN, you'd better go, you won't be sorry!

Now, for the rest.  This weekend was about projects.  We worked our little tushes off!  I painted Little C's bookcase fire engine red, we gel stained our front door (sounds weird but looks so great), finished painting our shutters, and painted the chair-rail bright white in the living room (and started on the one in the dining room).  We also cut down a few pitiful Dr. Suess trees out front in an effort to sweeten up our landscaping.  Maybe I should start a house projects page! We've been working so hard and it's always fun to see the finished product (even though we are tired and felt like saying bad words about halfway through).

Well the boys are really giving us a run for our money.  They constantly bickered over the weekend (I have low tolerance for this) but when they get along it is the cutest.  The bickering will wear you down fast though.  Big C and I go from frustrated as heck to melting with the sweetness.  They are just back and forth!  Example: when we got home Saturday night and went to check on them, CD had snuck into CJ's room and crawled into his bed and fallen asleep!  They slept like that till morning and it was seriously the cutest thing ever!

There, I hope I didn't bore you to death:)  Got some cute pics of the kiddos this weekend. 

Our neighbor's car really caught CJ's attention..he gave it quite a few looks..

P.S.  Happy Birthday Aunt Sarah!


  1. Oh my gosh, that is so cute about Campbell sleeping with Christian. I love it! Christian looks quite interested in that car.

  2. That was the most loveliest 'happy birthday' anyone has ever sung to me! Voices like angels! (and big Christian wasn't so bad either) The sweetest birthday gift of all is being Aunt to two beyond adorable boys, Miss and love you all~

    thank you for thinking of me :)

  3. LOVE that shot of CJ checking out the sports car!!! FLASH FORWARD ABOUT 12 years and LOOKOUT! :)