Good times


Today I..
  • took the boys to the zoo
  • wondered if we should be an exhibit instead of visitors
  • got tired of hearing my own voice, begging and pleading with my children to listen
  • answered a million questions, making things up so often that I, too, am starting to believe my made up explanations
  • hid in the laundry room and ate frozen cookie dough
  • received a text from my husband inviting us out for Mexican
  • have been dreaming of a very strong margarita ever since
  • realized it's Wednesday and we are that much closer to Friday, Oh yeah!
  • am thankful for my precious, curious, energetic, WILD boys:)

A challenging time


These are the faces of angels.

But don't be misled.  Little one is surely giving us a run for our money.  When CJ was born, I read one book about schedules, naps, and feeding, and that was that.  When he reached the terrible two's, well they weren't really terrible at all.  But CD, oh boy....Now we get it.  We are struggling with toddler-dom.  He is headstrong and stubborn like no person I've met before.  If he asks for something and I say no, he will continue to ask for the next, oh, 8 hours if need be. He does not like to listen.  (I'm laughing as I write this). I am trying to be steadfast in not giving in to his demands.  I believe in boundaries.  It is my job to teach them and mold my sweet angel into a respectful little man.  But it ain't easy.  My blood pressure is probably reaching alarming numbers.  I fear I'm shaving years off my life.  It will be worth it, I know, but wow, this is hard!! 

If the house gets quiet, we know we are in trouble.  CD is up to something.  My brand new ottoman?  He colored all over it today within 10 minutes of it sitting in my den.  We are so careful to hide EVERYTHING but somehow that little stinker can just find things.  He got into my hand sanitizer this morning and this afternoon emptied out a tube of face cream. And where on earth did he find those screws that he just put in his mouth??!!  I can't turn my back for a second!! Will someone please come do my laundry and scrub the kitchen floor for me so that I can keep my eyes peeled on this little stinker?

CJ was a different child.  I'm not comparing I promise.  Just laughing at the differences!  Different temperament.  Easy going.  Just didn't get into the things that little one seems to.  If he found something interesting like a screw or a bug, he'd bring it to me instead of eating it.  So we had no idea what terrible two's meant.  But CD is teaching us!   He's our angel and we love him. It's so amazing how different 2 children can be and what a different skill set I need in teaching each of them.  We're getting there, slowly but surely.  Life with these two boys is never dull!!

On my list of books to read are Siblings Without Rivalry, Shepherding a Child's Heart, and 123 Magic.  I know they will help me, I can feel it:)

Still here


Hey there! I've been out of blogging practice and have some catching up to do.  A few weekends ago the Mr. and I had a wedding to attend in Annapolis.  So Nana and Papa flew on over to keep these boys of mine.  They stayed an extra couple days so they could spend some time with me too, sweet!!

We went to the zoo.  We caught lightning bugs.  We blew bubbles.  We rode a train.  We rode a carousel.  We shopped.  We had so much fun.  I cried when they left and begged them to move to Tennessee.  It ain't gonna happen but a girl can dream.  My family warms my heart.

Okay, catching up on pictures...

CD loves bugs but unfortunately has quite a grip and is still learning how to be gentle.. Not a good day to be a lightning bug in our yard..