Happy Birthday C!


Happy Birthday CJ! You are 4 today and I cannot believe it!!

You are a big boy for sure!  You run, romp, stomp, play, climb, and carry on the funniest conversations with us.  You pick up on everything, even if it appears you are not paying attention...we have to be careful what we say!

You still love your cars and trucks and tractors.  You know the difference between backhoe's, loaders,  etc.  You are writing so well!  I'll tell you a letter to write and you write it down no problem.  You color inside the lines.  And oh do you love to color.  You sit with us in the sanctuary at church now instead of the nursery and you are such a good boy.  You love school and talk about your little friends.  You talk on the imaginary phone to mommy's friends.  You still love to play by yourself, as you always have, but you also play well with others.  You are slow to share at times but we're working on that (but let me say you also have your great moments)!  CD likes to take whatever it is you are interested in at the moment and run with it, knowing you will chase him! Only you don't quite understand his game and it upsets you.  But you also love to be chased! You'll scream "chase me, chase me!" and we do!  You love to swing, and the fear you had of swinging last year is long gone..Instead of screaming to stop, you scream to go higher. 

I melt when you say "I wuv you Mom."  It makes my heart smile.  You love doing lots of things, going to the zoo, bouncy places, anywhere.  You still don't like to shop, you never have:)  You love chocolate ice cream and sprinkles and mommy's cupcakes.  You're not an adventureous eater, however, and still favor only a few things, like PB & J (with only strawberry jelly, no imposters), Mac and cheese (velveeta only, you do not like powdery packets), and bagels with cream cheese.  You are not much of a meat eater.  You do love Carraba's pizza with pepperoni, and I mean love.  You do not eat crust.  You will only eat whole wheat bread (small victory for mommy:). 

This was a big year for us.  We moved to Tennessee and you started pre-school!  As always, you go with the flow and adjust no problem.  Mommy cried when we dropped you off at class, but you didn't! 

You would live outside if you could.  You LOVE to be outside all the time.  You make our lives wonderful and happy and full.  It is amazing to simply sit back and watch you grow (although you don't allow for much sitting around..).  You are our big boy, the best big brother in the world.  You try so hard to go down the slide with CD (he's not always open to that, ha!) and you ride your gator with him all the time.  You love to say your prayers with him and kiss him goodnight.  It's precious to see the two of you together.  I pray you'll be the best of friends always.

Happy Birthday to our precious big boy!!
We love you bigtime sweet boy:)
Mama and Daddy


  1. Happy Birthday!!! I hope you had a wonderful Mother's Day!!!