My mind is racing


My laundry room is the coldest place on planet Earth. 
I take that back, Pennsylvania was pretty cold.
I am drinking lots lately, lots of coffee! But it is making me bounce off the walls.
I love good makeup.
I wish I had not plucked my eyebrows completely off when I was 20. Thank the Lord for good brow pencils.
My eyebrow pencil was missing this morning and therefore, so are my eyebrows.
There’s a pair of pants I MUST own from Ann Taylor Loft.  I’m a repressed clothes horse.  I try to be frugal but I really want these pants.
I’m having anxiety that Loft will sell out of these pants before I break down and buy them.
I love Tennessee.  It’s delicious and beautiful and friendly and musical and has lots of horses.
I force myself to eat apples but I prefer French fries.
I am loving ValSoCal’s recipes.  They have an easily attainable amount of ingredients and look so yummy.
I love being a mother more than anything in this world.  Love love love to be called Mama.  Nothing could be sweeter.  It melts my heart. 
My brother’s father-in-law once said he always dreamed of being surrounded by girls (he has 3 beautiful daughters).  His prayers were answered!   I thought that was a cute comment and that’s how I feel about my boys!!  I’m a lucky girl.
Family is the greatest thing ever.


  1. Aww, you are the sweetest!! Btw, I plucked out most of my eyebrows in my youth too. SIGH. Have you ever tried Smashbox eyebrow makeup?? It will change your life!! = ) Happy Thursday!!