Yesterday my neighbor left these for me.  I thought they were so darn pretty! And they were deeeee-licious too! Don't you wish you had a neighbor like that? 

We've had a good day.  As usual lots of different things going on.  CJ had a Valentine's party at school and mama's got to stay.  It was so fun!  It's a hoot to see him in his element, playing and hanging out with his pals.  They learn stuff too, of course. 

So the boys and I surprised Big CJ with a new video camera for Valentine's Day! We've been saying we need to get one and start videotaping all the hilarious things they do.  Now we have one!  Can't wait to use it!  (Big C laughs and thinks this present is more for me than him, ha! I'm really not that selfish...)

And for the last topic of the day, let me admit that I watch The Bachelor and I am so very glad Michelle did not get a rose.  I cannot help myself, I just can-not stop watching and my poor husband has resorted to reading a book while it's on so that he doesn't have to watch.  A book about oysters.  He says The Bachelor makes him uncomfortable and I think that's hysterical!  Poor thing! That's what he gets for all the years I've spent watching American Chopper.

We are having some seriously pretty weather here! It's about time!!


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