Last night I was hopelessly glued to the TV.  Have you been watching The Bachelor?  Don’t hold it against me but I’m enthralled.  I can’t stand to miss it.  I’m invested now, you know? I feel like I know these crazy people.  And here’s a juicy tidbit:  I know a gal who was supposed to be on Brad Womack’s first season of The Bachelor.  Yep, but she backed out last minute.  Isn’t that crazy? So sometimes when I watch I’m thinking, what if??  It's so annoying though how Brad is constantly saying how amaaaaazing the women are. He says it so often that it makes my husband gag out loud.  But it IS good TV.  And he does at least have good manners “yes ma’am, no ma’am”.  So I wish I could find out already who he picks so I can quit watching, it’s ruining my marriage!  I'm kidding:)
Tonight husband was working and the boys wanted bagels, so we had bagels and beer for dinner.  The boys had bagels and milk, I had a bagel and a beer.  It has a nice ring to it, bagel and beer.  I’ve never had bagels and beer and it was a fun dinner.
Since painting my cabinets this weekend I’ve been recovering and I just don’t want to do a thing!  I’ve gotta snap out of it!  More projects await!!


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