Turn that frown upside down


The day started with a Frustrating Mama Morning.  The kids were bickering and not listening to me and I had a short fuse because my computer has been sick since last night and I’m annoyed with it.  Then I felt guilty for having a short fuse.  Then I opened the trash can to throw something away and it was full to the brim, the brim, my pet peeve.  Then I notice CD is eating something I haven’t given him.  It’s a bird food necklace that was in my desk drawer that CJ made at school (that birds are supposed to eat, not children!).  Gross!! Germ city.  Then I hear a crash and CD has now gone in my cabinet, gotten out one of the glass jelly jars I like to save (that I thought was out of reach), and slammed it on the floor into a million pieces.  He’s calmly saying “it breaks, it breaks”.  Thank the Lord he didn’t get cut *gasp*; that could’ve been bad. So scary.  Oh it’s a morning.
On top of that it is raining cats and dogs and it’s a school day.  Looks like I’ll get a shower on the way into school.  No more good hair day!
To balance my negativity with something positive, these arrived yesterday from here.

I am so happy! I think they're so cute!  Now I’m waiting on my “Sunshine” prints and we’ll be close to finished with at least gathering all the “stuff” to assemble their rooms.  It's so fun decorating their rooms.   They are the first rooms that I feel like I’m taking over the finish line.  No stopping at 95 percent of the way to save money, I'm dotting the i’s on these rooms.  It feels good.  I wanted them to have super fun, adorable rooms.  I’m planning to share when they are done (I still have a duvet to sew).  Oh, and bedskirt to make.  Oh, and curtains. But I have all the fabric so the battle is half won.
I’m turning my frown upside down and I’m vowing to have a good day! Hopefully CD will do the same!


  1. Oh girl, I've had those days! Sometimes my fuse is so short, it doesn't take much to make me crumble. Those prints are absolutely adorable! I love anything in chocolate brown. Can't wait to see the finished rooms!