Happy Monday


Our weekend got off to a scary start. On Friday morning CJ was playing, standing on one of his brother's toys (that rolls) and it slid out from under him.  Wham, right down on the edge of the coffee table he went. The corner of his eye took the hit and my baby had a major shiner.  We iced and iced and he was fine, but mommy wasn’t.  It just about broke my heart every time I looked at him. So, you won’t be seeing many pictures for a few days… But he’s just fine.  His eye is perfectly fine, just a little black and blue, and I am another 10 years older. 
Friday night Big C and I headed out to dinner. We were early so we stopped at Barnes and Noble so that I could pick up a few books.  The parking lot was super crowded.  We thought, wow, how strange for a bookstore to be this busy on a Friday night.  When we walked in the manager asked if we were there for the book signing.  We were Mr. and Mrs. Clueless.  "What book signing?"  He said that Winona Judd was there signing books.  Well shut up!! I used to love the Judd's, so I grabbed a book and got in line. Unfortunately the line was moving too slowly and we didn't want to miss our dinner reservation so we left.  Oh well, maybe next time Winona!
Well Saturday we had a lazy day (aren’t those the best) and that night we headed to our neighbors’ for dinner.  CJ and CD just make themselves at home, they were so happy to see Evie and play with new toys.   Dinner was beyond delicious and I have some fantastic new recipes to add to my “go to” dinners.  When we left Evie gave the boys hugs and it is just the cutest thing in the world.
Superbowl Sunday is not typically a big day for us but we always try to do a little something.  We made a big ole pot of chili and hunkered down. We were thinking we’d just relax. Ha! The kids must’ve sensed that we were tired and so they were WILD.  They were bouncing off the walls and running and jumping and when we finally got them in bed we were exhausted!  So happy to sit on the couch and relax, and that’s what we did. 
Now it is raining again here, scratch that, it’s snowing, and I am wondering what is going on!!! We must’ve drawn the crazy weather card this year because we only see the sun here about once a week!  I’m so ready for sunshine.  Spring, please hurry!!
If you’re bored this website has some cute stuff! I wish I’d been ahead of the game and ordered the boys cute Valentine’s.  Oh well, maybe next year! And I am loving this little silhouette,

I just ran across this.  I've been looking for some cute artwork and these can be personalized.  I think this picture is the epitome of 2 little boys and I can't wait to order one up!  Happy Monday!


  1. I love it! Cannot wait to order one for Baby Boy. So cute. Thanks for posting.