Friday Funnies and Flashbacks


Here are some things these boys of mine are doing and saying that are too funny not to share. 

CD Translations:
teeps = teeth
pie sissies = rice krispies
mini meats = mini wheats (we eat a lot of cereal obviously)
tracteeeer = tractor
racy car = race car

Funny randoms:
1. One morning at breakfast CD smeared cream cheese from his bagel across his chest and looked at me like he was daring me to say something.
2. CJ told me my breath was "stinky"!! Nice.
3. CJ said his tummy hurt and he needed chocolate to "feel me better". ha! The apple doesn't fall far from the tree.

Funny/crazy things I've done this week:
1. Almost left the house in my PJ's not once, but twice. I am losing it.
2. Wore my sweater inside out ALL day without noticing. I'm hoping CJ's teachers at school didn't notice or they are going to know think I am nuts.

Have a fun Friday:)

Cute Bed Head:)

Sleepy Boy

Flashback:) Aw


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