Hangin' at Home


Today we’ve got lots-o-snow again but the sun is shining so it’s quite pretty! But it's tooooo too cold to go outside.  So we look at it from inside.  CJ started the day by running to the window and saying “Mama, it snowed and it is big tall of snow!”  What a creative sentence, he wakes up so happy and says such cute things and it makes me happy.  CD went to the window and said “It’s a soccer ball”.  Ha! He noticed the ball in the yard but not the mountains of snow. 
At lunch CJ asked me if the cheese on my salad “belonged” to my salad.  He’s got some funny questions today!  Then, for at least 10 minutes he talked on the imaginary phone to my neighbor asking her lots of questions and then saying, “You’re kidding!”  These boys have had me laughing today. 
Here’s a pretty find for today—I’ve been looking for fabrics and artwork for the boys’ rooms because CJ will be moving to a full bed and CD will inherit the twin.  I love the framed pictures in this room (I think they look so clean and pretty) and this little etsy shop too because I’ve been dying to get a framed “You are my sunshine” picture for the boys (my Nana used to sing it to me:). I love that this gal tells you where everything is from too, like the frames being from Target, which is a pleasant surprise!

It's almost Friday, hooooray!!

This is an oldie of CJ in that same shirt CD is wearing:)


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